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We were set up, the fucking cops were there waiting for us!
~ Mr. Pink explaining why the heist got wrong

Mr. Pink is one of the main characters in the 1992 film Reservoir Dogs.  Unlike most of his accomplices, he is more level-headed and doesn't choose violence as a primary option.  Like the majority of the other robbers, his real name is never revealed.

He is portrayed by Steve Buscemi, who would go onto play Nucky Thompson in the series Boardwalk Empire.


None of his real name is ever revealed.  He is known in the film only by the identity given to him by his boss, Joe Cabot.  He questions why his name/color is Pink, to which Cabot says, "Because you're a faggot, alright?"  He tries to lessen the feminism of it by suggesting that they change it to Mr. Purple, only for this to be shot down as well by Cabot who says he already has a man going by that name working another job.


After his accomplice Mr. Blonde went on a shooting spree, Pink found a hole in the police barricade and "shot his way out."  He ran with a satchel full of diamonds with three police officers tailing him close behind.  Eventually, he is struck by a car and he proceeded to carjack it, making his escape.  He revealed in the film that he considered just driving away instead of going to the rendevous point.

Video Game

Mr. Pink in the video game.

Mr. Pink features as a playable character in the 2006 video game adaption for Reservoir Dogs. His missions depict him escaping from the robbery and back to the warehouse, and then retrieving the diamonds that he had stashed. The way the player plays the game determines Mr. Pink's final fate at the end of the game. If they act "professional" (not killing everything in sight and being more strategic) Mr Pink will escape after the Mexican stand-off. If the player gets a "career criminal rank" Mr Pink will be arrested, and if they get the "psycho" rank Mr Pink will be gunned down by police when attempting to shoot his way out.


  • Mr Pink is the only character to survive the events of the movie. Listening closely to background dialogue in the final scene, it appears Mr Pink was shot and apprehended by police.
  • Mr Pink is the only one out of all four main characters (the others being Mr. Blonde, Mr. White and Mr. Orange) not to have his true name revealed.
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