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Miffa miffa meeka moo!
~ Mr. Poofer's catchphrase

Mr. Poofers is a fictional character from Homestar Runner who is the main antagonist of the Halloween episode, "Mr. Poofers Must Die".


Mr. Poofers is established to be a dog. He has big yellow eyes, a black nose, four black legs, and a tail that matches his outlines. his body resembles that of a puffy white cloud.


Homestar promises everybody that he is going to tell them all a ghost story of Mr. Poofers dying.

When he starts the story, he establishes Mr. Poofers's appearance and his habit of eating pimecones for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Old Man Rootbeer tells Mr. Poofers not to eat his pimecones. Mr. Poofer's responds by stealing his beard instead.

Homestar begins to declare his story over before everybody points out that Mr. Poofers didn't die. Realizing this, Homestar tells them that this happens to him all the time whenever he tries to kill off Mr. Poofers and that he can theorize Mr. Poofers dying before he makes another attempt. In his second attempt, Mr. Poofers thinks about a branch, a hotel, and a $350 pair of loafers.

Figuring Homestar is just being stupid, Coach Z takes over the story by having Mr. Poofers find a roundish box and giving it to Old Man Rootbeer, who tells him that they better be replacement pimecones. It was half a hairbrush. The result causes Coach Z to panic as he tells them it wasn't what he intended at all.

Marzipan then takes over by establishing the Mr. Poofers doesn't complain about anything, except for an instance of bad pudding. The result causing Marzipan to freak out as Strong Sad become interested in taking a turn. He doesn't get very far as he only utters "pimecone" before breaking down.

Seeing everybody else fail to kill off Mr. Poofers, Strong Bad takes it upon himself to bring an end to the dog. In his story, Old Man Rootbeer approaches Mr. Poofers in sunset with a flamethrower and aims it at Mr. Poofers. Just as Strong Bad prepared to say he pulled the trigger though, he breaks out into song about Old Man Rootbeer and Mr. Poofers jumping on board a trolly with everybody in the room joining in on the song.

Unable to successfully kill off Mr. Poofers, the group decide to declare Mr. Poofers their dark overlord.


  • Mr. Poofers proves powerful enough to keep the Horrible Painting from using his catchphrase against him in one Halloween episode.


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