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I'm gonna get you... BEAR!
~ Mr. Prank's catchphrase when he is about to chase Nev in a rage.
Why hello Mr. Barney sir!
~ Mr. Prank's usual greeting to Barney, Nev's roommate and best friend, whom Prank pretends to be a kind person to.

Andrew Prank, most often abbreviated to Mr. Prank, is the main antagonist of the CBBC show Bear Behaving Badly. The show is set in an apartment block in which the main cast live, including Mr. Prank. Prank is also the caretaker of the block. He owns an ice cream truck outside the building and tries to become a successful ice cream man.

Prank hates the protagonist, Nev the Bear, and consistently attempts to have him removed from the residence. The reasons for his hatred are his allergy to blue bears (which Nev is) that cause him to have cartoonish extreme sneezes and his belief that Nev is the one who always steals his ice cream from his flat, when in reality unknown to Prank Nev has a koala friend named Crazy Keith who lives under the floorboards who is the real thief. Whenever other characters are around Prank will pretend to be nice to Nev to cover up his antagonistic schemes against him. Nev refers to him as "Angry Pants" due to his hostile nature.

Mr. Prank has a negative relationship with his boss, Mrs. Barbara the landlady, who finds his work as the caretaker to be unimpressive. She refers to him as "Plank" and constantly says to him "Caretaker?! caretaker?! couldn't care less taker!". Barbara finds it annoying that a ice cream truck is outside her flat and so Mr Prank must keep it secret from her that he is the owner.

Mr. Prank owns a cat named Bandit who much like him is mean spirited, bad tempered and vile. He also has a nephew named Bouncer Boy who is frequently seen with Bandit and aids Prank's schemes to rid Nev.

The protagonists, Nev, Barney, Beatrice and Crazy Keith keep the fact that Keith lives in the flat secret as Prank would have him thrown out if he knew. They also keep this secret from Barbara.