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I walked. I don't know how long, but I did. I know that much. I somehow ended up at the Wonderworks, the place that had eluded me for so bloody long. And it was running. No old man, but the place was bustling all the same. It was the gods damned child! The oh, so lovely Isabel! But what could I do to her? She was in the same sort as me, in a way. She asked me why you pricks hadn't collected me yet. I didn't really have an answer, but I figured, why not? Not like I had anything else to do. Suicide wasn't the option, as you can plainly fucking see!

But as I got closer, I got this feeling. This itching, burning sensation digging into my soul— if I even have one anymore. There was a thing, locked deep in the hole my brothers were buried. It spoke to me in ways I'll never be able to convey to you. Just. Fuck. It felt good. And I knew. I knew! I always thought I was just subject to anger issues, but all along I was a subject to the King!
~ Mr. Redd.
So they figure, it's all below them or whatever, and they off themselves, like whiny little kids. But you see, the big man in the sky, he didn't like this, right, and so he sent down… I dunno what you'd call him. The holiest of all men, I think, my personal messiah. So there was a stupid little doctor who was messing around, and the man up there, he takes a gander at what's going on, and the doctor looks up at the creator of all the fucking universe and he says 'Making Life'. And the doctor carries on, and he doesn't realise it, but the guy upstairs tweaks one of them a little bit, and he turns it into a man called Redd. Mister Redd, if you'd believe it. And Mister Redd comes down and teaches people the most important lesson, the only lesson worth teaching, right. The only problem that keeps changing, the only way you can deal, properly, with being a god, is being your own problem, is hating yourself, is being contrapositive to your own soul and going absolutely, unforgivably insane. Redd's like Jesus, right? And the man in the sky's the one who named him, it's a really clever little thing, because his name's kind of derivative of his own. Personally, I think it's a touch too obvious. Mister Redd, the Scarlet King incarnate.
~ Pico Wilson describing the nature of Mr. Redd in "Snipped From The Same Cloth".

Mr. Redd is a recurring antagonist in the universe of the SCP Foundation. He is one of the many Little Misters created by Dr. Wondertainment with the intent of being a friend to the children before he was corrupted by the Scarlet King into a merciless psychopath and is currently uncontained by the Foundation. Mr. Redd plays a role in the "Cool War" series and "What a Wonderful World" canon.


Mr. Redd was originally one of the Little Misters created by either Cornelius Młynarczyk, Reginald Westinghouse or Bertrand Wondertainment, the presidents of Dr. Wondertainment, by infusing a human-like artificial husk with the soul of a recently deceased child which had been provided by child serial killer Brainy Brian. Redd was created with the intent of being a joyful friend who would play with various children and make them happy. However, as Redd remained being uncollected by the Wondertainment's customers due to his theme being rage he felt his own rage growing as he realized he was simply a product created for the entertainment of others, and in his rage he came into contact with the Scarlet King. This caused Redd to become corrupted by the evil god, which led to him becoming hellbent in destroying everything in his path and completely disregarding his humanity. This later led to Dr. Wondertainment discontinuing Mr. Redd and locking him in his own apartment.

After Dr. Wondertainment finished creating the rest of the Little Misters he had each of them assigned to some children so they could teach them various lessons regarding their themes, with Mr. Redd being assigned to the brothers Ruiz and Pico Wilson with the intent of teaching them how to handle anger issues. However, because of his mental state Redd instead kidnapped the poor brothers, taking them to a secluded place while murdering their parents and hiding their bodies. He then proceeded to psychologically and physically torture the brothers, with the twisted intent of teaching them a lesson and saying that he was their new family. Ruiz was able to retain some of his sanity and refused to listen to Redd, but Pico being younger listened to every word Redd said, twisting the child's mind and slowly turning him into a murderous psychopath just like Redd. Redd would later use them as hostages in order to make a demand to Dr. Wondertainment to meet his creator, but the company straight up refused to comply, leaving the brothers at the mercy of Redd. After Ruiz tried to dig up the supposed graves of his parents, he and Pico were finally able to escape Redd's hellish torment. This experience would later lead to an adult Ruiz to try take revenge on Dr. Wondertainment for creating Redd and destroying his little brother's life.

Possible Endings

Eventually, Redd decided to confront his creator and kill him for good. After capturing both Mr. Scary and Mr. Lost Redd made his way to the Foundation site that held both Mr. Collector, also known as O5-4, and SCP-231-7. He managed to break inside the site despite being locked down and entered the chamber that held SCP-231-7 where he told her that he would finally free her from the torment before demanding to O5-4 through video surveillance to meet him in the chamber. O5-4 did as he was asked and confronted Redd who told him of his own experience and proceeded to give his creator a paper that gave him the possession of Redd. This caused O5-4 to transform into his Mr. Collector persona and began taunting Redd by saying that Redd's creation and personality was a surprising disaster. This deeply angered Redd and immediately tried kill Mr. Collector with his multiple daggers, but was unable to even harm him due to the latter's powers, and at which point Redd decided to finally unleash the King's Seventh Son. He proceeded to cut SCP-231-7's belly with another dagger and soon the Seventh Son emerged causing mass destruction to occur around the site. Thankfully, Mr. Collector was able to conceal the newborn child within his magic bubble, preventing the Scarlet King from entering reality, which caused Redd to be overwhelmed with desperation. However, this also caused Redd to regain his humanity once again and be freed from the Scarlet King's influence, and being forgiven by his creator Redd rechristened himself as Mr. Bluee and was subsequently contained alongside his fellow Misters.

Mr. Redd was finally able to murder his creator and most of the Little Misters, save for Mr. Hungry. After that, they were confronted by a crying Isabel Wondertainment and her assistant Emma. Redd also tried to kill her, but Isabel proved to be faster than him and despite his efforts he was overpowered and left defeated by her which allowed Mr. Hungry to consume Redd, killing him for good.

As the Dr. Wondertainment company was failing, Mr. Collector deemed Redd alongside the other Misters as defective and a failure, and so he became forced to put all of them down.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to his nature as a Little Mister, Redd was biologically immortal. After being corrupted by the Scarlet King Redd gained additional powers such speed, reflexes, summoning shadow blades, and the ability to enter heavily fortified structures and wielding various daggers and swords. He also appeared to wield some dark magic as when he spilled his own blood on his body, ritualistic symbols appeared all over his body, similar to the symbols within The Factory.


Mr. Redd was described as looking like a pale man with fiery red hair and wearing a black and red jacket or scarlet coat. In SCP-3301, Redd's voice was described as aggressive.


dad i couldn't i can't stop myself
i couldn't stop myself i wanted to know what they were like inside
but not in the bullshit kiddie way what you're like inside
like i literally wanted to see what they were made of
What They Were Made Of
What they were made of.
i wanted to see what they were made of
perhaps if i keep taking them apart
one day i will know what i am made of
and then i can take apart myself

since i know you aren't going to do it for me you fuckwad
~ Mr. Redd's inner thoughts in "yes".

Originally, despite embodying the rage of his creator, Mr. Redd was apparently a kind and lovable individual who loved his fellow Little Misters and enjoyed entertaining children, as shown while performing music for a group of children he promised to Mr. Brass that he would free him from Foundation custody. However, after being somewhat abandoned and ignored by his creator and the kids, Redd became filled with so much rage that he came into contact with the Scarlet King who further corrupted the Little Mister. This led to Redd losing all of his humanity and becoming a psychotic murderer with no qualms in destroying other's lives, which even included innocent children. He became determined to destroy everything in his path and eventually kill his creator whom he thought that he didn't care much about his creations and was just a selfish individual.

There are tales in which Redd returns to his former self and is somewhat forgiven for his actions, redeeming himself and become a good man once again.



  • Just like with the rest of the Littles Misters, Mr. Redd was actually first mentioned in the "Tales of Mr. Collector" where he was the overarching villain, with some of the Misters possessing deep fear of him while the rest wished to murder him themselves.
  • Given that in SCP-4982 it's revealed that the Little Mister were created through Daevite magic rituals, it is possible that this was what allowed the Scarlet King to take possession of Mr. Redd.
  • In "The Really Really Real Adventures in Capitalism", after Isabel defected from Dr. Wondertainment and joined the Serpent's Hand, she took up the name of Ms. Redd in honor of Mr. Redd.
  • According to UraniumEmpire on her author page, Mr. Redd is the father of Chaz Ambrose who created the Ambrose Restaurants to torment his father, but later on it got out of hand and Ambrose was forced to look after his new business.
  • When the SCP Foundation tried to recruit some of the Little Misters into Mobile Task Force Alpha-9, Mr. Chameleon refused to collaborate and said to ask Mr. Redd instead.
  • In SCP-3301, if the player wins as MR. GENOCIDE then the voice declaring the players victory will be replaced with that of Mr. Redd. Redd is also featured as one of many special cards.
  • Even though Redd accused his creator of not caring about him at all, in "'dad', you're too fucking late" and "To Never Again See The Light Of Day" Dr. Wondertainment is shown to genuinely care about Redd and regrets how he had treated him.
  • In "Cornelius the Collector" Mr. Redd is shown to be the very first Little Mister ever created, although that contradicts both Mr. Shapey and SCP-5813-1 who were both stated to have been the actual first Little Misters.


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