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Mr. Rictus is the main antagonist in the supervillain narrative Wanted. Not content with ruling the Australian division, Rictus seeks to conquer more.


Rictus' background is a bit tragic considering the monster he became. He was once the most pious and good man until a severe accident that left him in burns. Seeing that there was no afterlife to follow death, Rictus shed all of his moral compasses and became a horrific shell of his former self. Eventually, he became a leading member of the Fraternity of supervillains and was involved in the destruction and devastation of the superheroes in the Wanted universe.


Rictus first appears to see over Wesley Gibson but is warded away by The Fox. It is revealed that when the Fraternity divided the world up into five sections for the heads, Rictus is less than pleased to be in control of Australia. Being a maniac with a desire for blood and chaos, he also shows much disdain for the Fraternity's decision to remain behind the scenes. At the meeting, Rictus proposes the plot to openly rule and conquer in open supervillainy along with his Nazi collaborator and fellow Head The Future. This idea is shot down under the fear of drawing unwanted attention from superheroes of other dimensions. Enraged, Rictus plots a rebellion, starting with his underling Shithead killing Selzer.

While devouring Selzer's corpse, Rictus announces his intentions to become public with supervillainy and leads his associates to kill most of the supervillains under the later Selzer's employ. However, he underestimates Wesley who precedes to kill The Future and the other villains of the factions with his marksmanship and ruthless qualities. Confronted, Wesley easily dispatches Rictus by deflecting his bullet into his throat, killing the supervillain once and for all.


Being a formerly good man, Rictus went down a horrific spiral into supervillainy and developed a hedonistic love of chaos and destruction. However, he also would get bored easily and would try any means to cure that boredom. One such manner occurred in the comic where his associates murdered the parents of a small boy. Rictus ordered his associates to let the boy live under the premise that the boy might grow up into a worthy opponent.

Rictus also admitted to certain acts of cruelty towards animals. When referred to as a "goat-fucker" by Wesley, Rictus himself corrected him by saying he "makes love to goats".