Mr. Robinson is the main protagonist of the Saturday Night Live skit "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood". He is a parody of Mr. Rogers. Likewise, the Saturday Night Live skit is a parody of Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

He was portrayed by Eddie Murphy.


Unlike Mr. Rogers, Mr. Robinson happens to live in a ghetto. He often engages in behavior such as stealing from others (as he is unemployed), holding a dog for ransom (trying to persuade the dog's owner to give him one hundred dollars rather than fifty), and having sex with his landlord's wife (who he refers to as Mr. Landlord) before selling their child to the black market.

His landlord would in one episode try to evict him for not paying the rent, causing him to refer to him as a "scumbucket" and making it the word of the day.

Rather than teach children about the world idealistically as Mr. Rogers did, Mister Robinson instead teaches children about the world cynically, in one episode even telling them that their hopes and dreams were pointless due to the fact that they were unable to get a job in the economy.

Often his actions would anger his landlord and the police, who would begin knocking on his door. He would then leave his house using the fire escape.

Mr. Rogers himself was not offended by the parody, considering it to be affectionate.


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