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Money hasn't been real since we got off the gold standard. It's become virtual, software, the operating system of our world. And we, Elliot, are on the verge of taking down that virtual reality.
~ Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is the titular character and one of the primary antagonists of the USA Network TV show, Mr. Robot, serving as the main antagonist of season 1 and 2, one of the three secondary antagonists of season 3 (along with Angela Moss and Irving), and one of the main protagonists of season 4. He is the alter-ego of Elliot Alderson who takes the appearance of Elliot's deceased father and often switches sides of good and evil, sometimes more of an anti-hero, sometimes even going to the point of becoming an outright evil character. As the alter-ego of Elliot, it is speculated that Elliot created Mr. Robot in order to get help in situations that he can't handle, "transforming" into Mr. Robot.

He is portrayed by Christian Slater, who also portrayed Robert Boyd in Very Bad Things, Ushari in The Lion Guard, Special Agent Slater in Archer, Jimmy Dolan in Jimmy Dolan's Cadillac, Michael Griffin in Hollow Man 2, and Jason Dean in Heathers.



Edward Alderson

Mr. Robot's appearance is based on Elliot's father Edward. And as seen in Season 3, Edward was harsh against Elliot, but still loved him. There is a flashback scene where Edward tells Elliot's childhood friend, Angela, that if Elliot ever needs help, she should help him. Despite loving Elliot, Elliot was quite stubborn about what Edward had previously done to him, such as when they are at the theatre to watch a movie. Elliot tells Edward that he didn't wanna go to the theatre in the first place. Edward tries convincing him that it'll be nice, but Elliot tells him that he's insane. Edward faints and dies due to a decease that he got after a toxic waste scandal while working at the international company E Corp, but Elliot doesn't look concerned at all, and just grabs Edward's jacket and walks into the theatre himself. As the series progresses it is revealed that Edward had molested Elliot which severely traumatized his son giving him numerous mental conditions: PTSD, DID, Severe Anxiety Disorder, and Depression. Elliot's DID would cause him to develop a mental construct of an idealized version of his father to cope with the trauma and act as somewhat of a protector and guide, something Elliot wanted desperately out of his father, but at the same time was somewhat manipulative.

Season 1

Mr. Robot is the leader of the hacking group named "Fsociety", with the goal of taking down the people who rule the world. Their main target is E Corp, an international company that has a long history of conspiracy and corruption. Elliot is a member of this organization, and they are currently planning a hack known as "5/9", which is meant to destroy financial records, which would, for example, erase all debt, with the end goal of building up a more economically fair world. Elliot is currently working at Allsafe Security, which in turn works for E Corp, and they are going to use Allsafe Security to accomplish their goal. Elliot becomes Fsociety's mole for Allsafe Security. When Elliot hears about this, he instantly realizes that the hack would also have a negative effect on the employees of Allsafe Security, and thus has a moment of regret. He threatens Mr. Robot with going to the police but is eventually convinced to participate in it. Fsociety hack E Corp and then destroys all their backups. Fsociety are cooperating with the more militant and violent hacking organization Dark Army. The Dark Army have planned to attack a redundant facility in China as part of destroying E Corp's backups, which would most likely kill multiple people, causing Elliot to try backing out of it. But Mr. Robot refuses to do so and thinks that even if some lives are lost, the ends justify the means. The hack is carried out, but it destroys the lives of multiple employees at Allsafe Security, much like Elliot predicted. Not to mention that it leads to America's economy as a whole being destroyed. E Corp CTO Terry Colby is framed for hacking E Corp in order to initiate the hack while aspiring CTO Tyrell Wellick is framed as the mastermind behind the hack. In order to make the authorities even more suspicious about Colby, Mr. Robot releases a Fsociety video where he says that the authorities should free Colby because he's their leader and that it isn't negotiable.

Following the hack, Elliot tries to live a simple, normal life. But when he discovers that Terry Colby could be blamed for the toxic waste scandal that killed Edward, he rejoins Fsociety. Mr. Robot and Elliot talk about a situation where Edward pushed Elliot out of a window in their house. The actions following the outburst were apparently Edward getting leukemia and Elliot promising not to tell his mother (Edward's wife) about it, only to tell her anyway. Mr. Robot seems to understand Elliot at first, only to later reveal that he is disgusted by Elliot "betraying" his father and then pushes him down a boardwalk railing, injuring him. Elliot is taken to a hospital, and when he gets out, Mr. Robot appears at his office at Allsafe. He threatens to make a scene unless they go and talk at the local bar. Elliot accepts it. Mr. Robot forgives Elliot for injuring him, explaining that he did it because he didn't know how to communicate with him, and Elliot accepts the apology.

One day, Elliot is talking with his right-hand at Fsociety, Darlene. She is unusually happy. After a while, Elliot tries kissing her, but she refuses. She tells him that she's his sister. It turns out that Elliot's mental illness has made it so that he has forgotten that Darlene is in fact his sister, and it's also revealed that Mr. Robot was, in fact, Elliot's father all along, meaning that Edward faked his death. However, it's later revealed that Mr. Robot is Elliot's imagination and his split personality, in order to cope with his father's abuse. Elliot gets angry at Mr. Robot and walks to his childhood home with him, currently owned by some other family. They enter the house and walk up the stairs. Elliot pushes Mr. Robot out of the window, much like Edward did to him when he was a child.

The discovery that Mr. Robot and Elliot are the same people explains why Elliot sometimes "wakes up" after sleeping for multiple days. That means that Mr. Robot took control for a longer period of time. Tyrell knew about the 5/9 hack and apparently participated in it, with the help of Mr. Robot. Tyrell disappears, and Elliot yells at Mr. Robot for information about what happened to him. Mr. Robot responds by saying "I am you", and then says that he'll prove it. He walks up to a man in a cafe and tells him that he had sex with his mom and that she smelled good, making the man violently punch him out of anger, once again injuring Elliot. Following the 5/9 hack, Fsociety's popularity has grown, causing mass protests from Fsociety supporters. Mr. Robot and Elliot have a discussion during a protest, and Mr. Robot convinces Elliot that he is in fact very real and as long as Elliot exists, Mr. Robot will also exist.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4