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It's business. We run a service, she knew the rules. She should have read the small print.
~ Mr. Santo to Luis Lopez.

Mr. Santo is a character in the Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony who only appears in the mission, Momma's Boy. He is a loan shark that pays the debt with Luis Lopez that he wants to participate L.C. Cage Fighter. If Luis did not take a dive at the third round, Santo would becomes an antagonist in an attempts to kill him.


Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

Santo gives money to Luis Lopez' mother, Adriana struggling to pay off. Luis assures, maybe correct, that Santo also loans money to other individuals and, as brought up by Luis several times, there might be other old ladies.

The debt is accepted when Santo brings Luis to Liberty City Cage Fighters; the status of the objective is dependent upon's player choice:

Santo: Hey man, you know you did the right thing. Nice to see a man like you swallow his pride for his mama.

Luis: Just stay the f-ck away from her, okay? You got your money. We done.

Santo: You listen to me. I was there for your mama when you weren't. I think you must a lost some brain cells in that fight.

Luis: If i see you i'll kill, bro. I'm out.

~ Santo congratulating Luis for taking a dive.
  • If Luis takes a dive at the third round, Santo shall acknowledge the debt of Adriana and doesn't ever physically show up again. In a call with Luis, he did not manage to ask her to talk with Santo no more.
Santo: What the f-ck? You know how much money i had on the fight? Are you too f-cking stupid to know when to lay down?

Luis: I guess i must be.

Santo: You're a f-cking dead man. I'm gonna burn that b-tch mom of yours, too.

~ Santo berating Luis for not taking a dive.
  • Outside the cage fight, Santo rudely and angrily threatens Luis to kill him and to burn Adriana. Luis states that this little game's over for Santo. Santo attacks him with a knife and Luis is forced to kill him. 


Mr. Santo was a polite, yet arrogant and vulgar, bussinessman. He pays off the debt to Adriana Lopez to take Adriana's son, Luis to the Liberty City Cage Fight. If Luis did not take a dive at the cage fight, Santo becomes angry and further rude by threatening to kill him and his mother. If Luis did take a dive, he congratulates Luis and helps Adriana during shopping.

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