Mr. Sax is a villain in the original Rayman video game. He is the second major boss employed by the game's main antagonist, Mr. Dark, in efforts to thwart Rayman's attempts to free the Electoons and restore harmony to the world.


Mr. Sax is a large saxophone, as his name would imply. He sports detached yellow shoes and white, gloved hands, similarly to Rayman. The hole at the front of Mr. Sax's body acts as a funnel to shoot an arsenal of wrong notes at Rayman.



Mr. Sax is first encountered in the final section of Allegro Presto in the Band Land world. Here, he flees from Rayman and is not seen again until the end of Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo, in which his real boss fight takes place. At first he chases Rayman from left to right, shooting wrong notes at him. Once Rayman reaches the end of this stage, a more direct confrontation begins. After knocking back enough wrong notes at him, Mr. Sax is defeated. He later reappears as part of a hybrid transformation of Mr. Dark in the final level. Mr. Sax is fused together with Bzzit and Space Mama.

Rayman Advance (GBA)

As a direct port of Rayman 1, he appears again as he did in the original game.

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