Mr. Skops is a villain in the original Rayman video game. He is the fifth major boss employed by the game's main antagonist, Mr. Dark, in efforts to thwart Rayman's attempts to free the Electoons and restore harmony to the world. Mr. Skops is a large, red and pink colored scorpion. His segmented body sports yellow spikes, along with one protruding off his chin and a white spike at the tip of his tail. He has spiky, yellow hair and one giant claw which he uses to attack his foes.



Mr. Skops is encountered at the end of the area Mr. Skops' Stalactites in the Cave of Skops. He is first seen sleeping, and is angered when Rayman wakes him, and begins to attack. Skops will attack by throwing his detachable claw towards Rayman. He will also slam his claw into the ground, causing the platforms beneath Rayman to fall away, putting him at risk of falling into the lava below. After all of these platforms have been knocked down, the second phase of the battle begins, during which Rayman must knock back energy balls that Skops shoots from his tail. After Skops' health is drained, he collapses to the ground, defeated. He later reappears as part of Mr. Dark's hybrid transformations during the final battle, in which he is fused with Mr. Stone.

Rayman Advance (GBA)

As a direct port of Rayman 1, he appears again as he did in the original game.

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