The Mr. Soft Serve Driver, really named Jack, is the main antagonist in the episode "Mama Cast" of the American sitcom The King of Queens. He is played by Brandon Johnson.

In the episode

Doug stops at a children's baseball game, where he notices an ice cream truck. He goes to buy a push-pop from the ice cream man when he notices a for sale sign on the truck, and inquires with the ice cream man, who introduces himself as Jack. Figuring that this investment would be profitable, Doug proceeds to buy the truck with his tax refund. Later, Doug is selling ice cream to children when he notices another ice cream truck named "Mr. Soft Serve" drive by, and a child informs him that the aforementioned truck worked at his spot previously. On his way home, Doug notices the Mr. Soft Serve truck following him. He challenges it to a drag race, but he is run off the road by the other driver.

The next day, Doug is working when he takes a break to use a port-a-potty. While inside, he hears the music of the Mr. Soft Serve truck, and looks outside to see it approaching at high speed. He narrowly jumps out of the port-a-potty before the truck plows into it, destroying it.

At night, Doug sneaks into the garage where the Mr. Soft Serve truck is parked. He sticks a banana inside of the truck's exhaust pipe, but the driver returns, so he hides under the truck, where he gets a look at his snakeskin boots. The driver starts the truck, which stalls because of the banana in the exhaust pipe, but the banana eventually pops out and the truck drives away.

The next day, Doug sells the truck to Jack for $1,200 at a $1,800 loss. Another man comes up and inquires with Jack about buying the truck. As they walk away, the camera pans down to show that Jack is wearing snakeskin boots, revealing that he is the driver for the Mr. Soft Serve truck. It is implied that he would harass the new buyer the same way he did Doug.


  • Jack, the Mr. Soft Serve Driver, shares his name with another villain on The King of Queens.