Arthurs Dad

Ben Stiller as Arthur's dad

Mr Spooner is the nameless deadbeat farther of Arthur Spooner in the popular sitcom, The King of Queens who favors his brother over him. It has been mentioned several times in the series that he miss treated him as a child & that is how he became like he is today. He was first mentioned in "Ticker Treat" when Arthur has a hart attack when Doug's Halloween decorations make him remember Halloween with his farther, he said he was a rotten gambler & usually had no money. On one Halloween when Arthur was 8 it was especially bad & in those times people would sometimes give out money to trick or treaters so he made his son

"go tick or treating till my legs are numb."
~ -(Arthur)
& when he was done he had him change costumes & start again repeatedly. The neighbors knew he was doing this & just gave him money because they felt sorry for Arthur. Because of this Arthur hates Halloween.

His first appearance on the show was in the episode Shrink Wrap when Arthur is taken to see a psychiatrist, in this episode he is portrayed by Ben Stiller who is actually Jerry Stiller, the actor who played Arthur's son. According to Arthur he wanted to kill him & make love to his mother. It was shown in this episode that Arthur started constantly screaming because growing up with him he felt like he wasnt being heard & that he had an older brother named Skitch that Mr. Spooner favored. His least Favorite memory of his childhood & the one told the therapist is when he got X-Ray Vision Goggles as a child, which he describes as the happiest day of his life, he got them from pinching penny's which he told Skitch which he told Mr Spooner who was mad, not because he'd been pinching penny's but because he spent it on himself instead of putting it in Skitch's collage fund, so he angrily took them off of & gave them to Skitch. This was all shown in what at first seemed to be Arthur's memory but then it turned out he & the Therapist were actually in the room when he started an argument with them. At his old age Arthur was still shown to be scared of him.

Mr Spooner makes his second appearance on the show in the episode Work Related in this episode he's played by Jerry Stiller. Arthur reveals he was a quire singer when he was younger and his dad used to make fun of him & say it was tough love he was then seen in flashback sat in the audience making fun of him while he was on stage & then saying proudly that's my boy.