Mr. Stone is a villain in the original Rayman video game. He is the third major boss employed by the game's main antagonist, Mr. Dark (Rayman), in efforts to thwart Rayman's attempts to free the Electoons and restore harmony to the world.


Mr. Stone is a large, purple golem made of stone, as his name would suggest. Like Rayman and many characters in the game, his limbs are detached from the rest of his body. The majority of his body is purple in color, though his fists are a pale blue.



Mr. Stone is the boss of the Blue Mountains, fought at the end of the Mr. Stone's Peaks. However, he first appears in the Twilight Gulch level, in which he chases Rayman, similarly to Mr. Sax. He later reappears as part of a hybrid transformation of Mr. Dark in the final level. Mr. Stone is fused together with Mr. Skops.

Rayman Advance (GBA)

As a direct port of Rayman 1, he appears again as he did in the original game.

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