~ Mr. Stubbins's most recurring line.

Mr. Stubbins is one of the minor antagonists of the comic book series of Plants vs. Zombies. He is currently Dr. Zomboss' pet, who supports him for his schemes.


Despite being a hedgehog, Mr. Stubbins is intelligent, as he could pilot vehicles, building robots, and preventing Dr. Zomboss from stealing his machine. He is willing to assist Zomboss for his plans of defeating Nate Timeley, Patrice Blazing, and the plants.


Not much known about Mr. Stubbins's past, and how did the Anti-Bully Squad found him.

Mr. Stubbins made his debut in Plants vs. Zombies: Bully For You, where he was begging for food from the Anti-Bully Squad, while they were busy making secret phone calls from Neighborvillians.

Later, Greg-Gargantuar took Mr. Stubbins to go potty. He remained absent until Dr. Zomboss found him outside the prison. He lured him to the Anti-Bully Squad, which allowed them to recapture him again. He also appeared while the squad attempted to battle the plants, but they were all easily defeated by the plants, who were commanded by Nate Timeley and Patrice Blazing.

One week later, Mr. Stubbins assisted Dr. Zomboss to defeat the Anti-Bully Squad with a wrecking ball. Mr. Stubbins returned in every sequel of the comic to assist Zomboss with his plans.


  • Mr. Stubbins is the second pet that Dr. Zomboss has, the first being his fishbowl Gizzy.



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