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(Laughs evilly)Kneel before the Son of Samedi!
~ Mr. Sunshine before fighting the boss in the mission "Eternal Sunshine"

Mr. Sunshine is a villain in Saints Row 2. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the Sons of Samedi storyline. He serves as the General's right-hand man in charge of the Sons of Samedi.

Mr. Sunshine was the General's enforcer and the Sons of Samedi's second-in-command. He was incredibly devoted to the General, but seemingly disliked Veteran Child. He was a violent man when prompted, once slashing an innocent bystander in a music store to clear the place out, shooting an addict who wanted to buy the drugs from the 3rd Street Saints, and sparing Veteran Child's life only on the General's order. He possessed some kind of Voodoo power while holding a Voodoo doll, as he was able to become immortal and send the Boss flying without even a touch while manipulating the doll. He often carried a machete as his weapon of choice and a scepter made from a wooden shaft topped with a skull on top and ending in a spike. He has a hideout at a meat packing plant in the Mills, located in the Factories District. He tried to protect the Samedi's business from the Saints, but failed continuously to thwart them. As punishment, the General cuts his left ear off. He later enlisted multiple addicts to attack the Saints' warehouse, swearing he would let them keep all the drugs for themselves. The Boss later fought him in the meat packing plant and was annoyed when he continued to fight even after being shot multiple times in the chest. So the Saints' leader fired an entire magazine into him and beheaded him with his own machete, before chucking Sunshine's decapitated head onto a conveyor belt.

In Saints Row IV Mr. Sunshine is a radio DJ in the virtual Steelport created by the Zin Empire.


  • Although Mr. Sunshine doesn't physically appear in Saints Row IV, his model can be found in the files.


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