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Are you listening? Did you hear him? DID YOU HEAR HIM? That little brat is right! I've told you! If I told you once, I told you a thousand, thousand, THOUSAND THOUSAND TIMES! WE NEED NEW ATTRACTIONS!!
~ Mr. Swackhammer's first lines.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't know Dan Aykroyd was in this picture.
~ Swackhammer's most famous quote.
Wait until I get you back on Moron Mountain. Alright, the party's over. Get in the spaceship.
~ Swackhammer ordering the contestants to get on his ship, despite the fact that he lost the bet, and his second most famous quote.

Mr. Swackhammer is the main antagonist of the 1996 Warner Bros. hybrid sports comedy film Space Jam.

He is the owner of the intergalactic amusement park by the name of Moron Mountain, who seeks to enslave and bring the Looney Tunes cast to his park in order to attract more customers. Swackhammer is also the boss of the Monstars as well as the archenemy of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

He was voiced by Danny DeVito, who also played Sam Stone in Ruthless People, the Penguin in Batman Returns, Bobby Ciaro in Hoffa, Harry Wormwood in Matilda, Burke Bennett in Death to Smoochy, Frank Reynolds in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Satan in Little Demon and a possessing Hatbox Ghost in Haunted Mansion.


Space Jam[]

Mr. Swackhammer is the evil alien owner of Moron Mountain who realizes that no one is returning to Moron Mountain and that his business is failing. He decides to send the Nerdlucks to capture the Looney Tunes in order to perform their comedic acts in his amusement park, hoping that it could bring back customers as his newest attractions and save his business from foreclosure. This results in a basketball game and Mr. Swackhammer later comes to the planet Earth to watch the Monstars and the Looney Tunes play basketball as the Monstars coach.

Michael Jordan stands up to Swackhammer and makes a deal with him that if the Monstars win, Mr. Swackhammer would not only get Looney Tunes, but himself as an attraction in Moron Mountain. If Michael wins, he returns NBA players back their talent. He readily accepts it, so he thinks of the conceivable possibilities of Jordan as his newest attraction, playing basketball with his customers while chained up meaning he would always lose no matter what he did.

However, the Monstars lost to the Looney Tunes, resulting in Mr. Swackhammer being furious and berating the Monstars for failing. Being the sore loser he is, he still demanded the Looney Tunes to get on the ship as his attractions. Michael then takes pity on the Monstars, and asks them why they are putting up with his abuse. The Monstars then tell Michael that they were afraid of Mr. Swackhammer because he was bigger than them, until they realize that their current forms are far bigger and more powerful than he is. As a result, the Monstars turn on Mr. Swackhammer and strap him to a rocket sending him straight to the moon and possibly back to Moron Mountain where he crashes. It is unknown whether he survived or what happened next, but can be assumed that, as he has failed in finding new attractions, Moron Mountain will go out of business and Mr. Swackhammer will be left penniless and broke.

Space Jam 25th Anniversary/DC Comic[]

Mr. Swackhammer made his return in 25 years later, and according to Marvin the Martian, they were barely friends once (due to being an alien himself), now he wants revenge on the Tune Squad (especially Lola Bunny) for defeating his bet, while he managed to regain his control on the Monstars. Swackhammer no longer wishes to enslave the tunes for his theme park but rather destroy the Earth once and for all. But later a new player managed to defeat Swackhammer and his Monstars.


Mr. Swackhammer is known for being extremely ill-tempered, cantankerous, cynical and overall wicked in nature. He is a stingy and manipulative businessman who seeks to enslave the Looney Tunes as his new workers of Moron Mountain. He is very vituperative, opprobrious, abrasive and nasty towards the Nerdlucks. One of his most contemptible and outrageous plans is trying to enslave the Looney Tunes so he can use them as his new attractions at his theme park in the hopes of saving his business.


Mr. Swackhammer is a short, portly green-skinned anthropomorphic dog-like alien with greenish-blue spots, greenish-purple lips, yellow eyes with lavender irises, pointy ears, a pink shirt, navy-grey sandals, a magenta suit with purple interior, and a red rose on his suit.


  • Mr. Swackhammer was originally going to be a live-action villain, possibly played by the late Dennis Hopper due to his friendship with director Joe Pytka, but was changed to a cartoon villain during the end of production to save time.
  • The late Jack Palance was offered the role as Swackhammer, complete with a 9-second animation test featuring Swackhammer with an alternate design and an audio clip from Palance's role in City Slickers II.
  • Before Space Jam: A New Legacy, it was rumored that Michael Jordan had written his own script for a sequel to Space Jam and wanted Swackhammer to return as a cyborg (after his injuries from crashing on the moon). Officially, Warner Bros. planned to replace Swackhammer as the sequel's villain with a Mel Brooks-voiced character called Berserk-O! before the sequel was initially cancelled before being revived years later with Al-G Rhythm as its main villain.


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