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Welcome to my game, buddy.
~ Mr. Tomatos on the title screen.
I did not ask for this.
~ Mr. Tomatos when the player makes a mistake.

Mr. Tomatos is the titular main antagonist of the video game Mr. Tomatos. He is an anthropomorphic floating tomato who loves eating, and wants the player to feed him. However, he becomes increasingly angry and hostile as the player feeds him the wrong food.


In the beginning, Mr. Tomatos will ask the player to feed him. If the player feeds him all the right foods, he will be full and ask the player to come back again when he is hungry.

However, when the player feeds him the wrong food, he will become increasingly angry. Once his anger reaches ten, he will be given a more demonic appearance in a deformed version of the kitchen. He will ask the player to feed him one of three body parts (Brain, eyeball, hand). Afterward, he would attack the player and the game will end.

There is also an ending involving the knife which can be bought from the in-game shop for 500 points. If the player stabs Mr. Tomatos, he will congratulate the player for finishing the game before dying. Note that after his anger reaches ten, the knife cannot be used.

Once the player reaches a certain amount of points, he will gain a demonic appearance with no eyes and a long tongue. He will congratulate the player for completing the game, but then tells the player to give him their soul. He then engages in a boss fight-like section where the player must use bottles of poison to defeat him. Each time the player uses a bottle of poison, his anger will begin to rise. The player must replenish his anger with regular snacks, making the battle longer. If they succeed, he will say "You won" to the player before exploding into a mass of glitching, ending the game.

However, if the player simply poisons Mr. Tomatos non-stop causing his anger to reach ten, he will attack the player. This will cause the game to end.

If the player manages to reach the end of the game, he will thank the player for their help and will give the player a text file named "USELESS TEXT" before telling them to leave the game and never come back. If the player were to replay the game, they are greeted with an empty, grey kitchen. Suddenly, a deformed Mr. Tomatos will appear and scold the player for disobeying his order. He would then attack the player and the game will end.



  • In one of the games endings, it states that Mr. Tomatos used to be human.
  • One of the many wingding texts that flash up on the screen when attempting to reopen the game after Mr. Tomatos anger reaches 10 can be translated to "do not worry about her safety". "Her" could be referring to the upcoming character of a game linked to Mr. Tomatos called "Ms. Lemons".