Mr. Trick was a recurring antagonist in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and served as the henchman of both Kakistos and Mayor Richard Wilkins before his ultimate death at the hands of Faith.


Mr. Trick was a vampire of African-American origin who came to Sunnydale with his master, Kakistos, to hunt down the Slayer known as Faith. Unlike Kakistos, who was driven by bloodlust and killer instinct, Mr. Trick was an innovator who enjoyed comfort and preferred not to get his hands dirty. He enjoyed the comic strip Marmaduke, admiring the title canine's uncontrollability, and accordingly abandoned his master to meet his demise at the hands of Faith and Buffy Summers because he considered Kakistos retrograde and "cheap". 

After Kakistos's death, Mr. Trick hosted "SlayerFest '98", assembling a group of human and demonic contestants each of whom gambled a large amount of money for the chance to hunt down and kill Buffy and Faith (having never seen Faith, the assassins mistook Cordelia for the second Slayer). Afterward Trick was drafted into serving Mayor Richard Wilkins as the leader of his vampire minions. Trick hired Ethan Rayne as part of the plot to obtain the tribute that Wilkins required to pay to the demon Lurconis, and later arranged a vampire "welcoming committee" when Spike returned to Sunnydale.

Mr. Tick Vamped Out

Mr. Tick Vamped Out.

Acting as Wilkins' middle-man, and later as his personal hitman, he proved to be his undoing. Trick led a small team of vampires to personally eliminate Buffy and Faith. He managed to injure Buffy and had her at his mercy, but as he gloated that he would now taste a Slayer's blood, he was staked through the back by Faith; his last words were "Oh, this is no good. This is no good at all...", which he said as he crumbled to dust. Hours later, Mr. Trick's position was filled by Faith herself.


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