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You no come back ever! I don't like you American and all you American look alike!
~ Washee Washee to Peter Griffin.
You break in my house! I can kill you legally!
~ Washee Washee threatening Peter with his shotgun.

Mr. Washee Washee is a minor antagonist in the TV series Family Guy.

He is voiced by Robert Wu.


Mr. Washee Washee is the Griffin Family's drycleaner. It appears that he has known the family for quite a long time. He owns Super Cowboy USA Hot Dog Rocket Ship American Cleaners Number One dry cleaner place in Quahog, Rhode Island.

He was first seen on the episode "Tiegs For Two", where Peter rages at him for stealing his shirt, then they get into a fight at his dry cleaner store and as a result, Mr. Washee Washee bans him from coming to his dry cleaner store. That is until Lois persuades Peter into invite him over to apologize, but when Peter does, he brings up the shirt and they fight again, which results in the entire Griffin Family being banned from his place as well.

While Mr. Washee Washee is watching Star Trek, Peter breaks into his house to find his stolen shirt. When Peter finds a shirt he believes is his, Mr. Washee Washee points his shotgun at him, telling him to drop the shirt or he'll shoot him. Peter wears the shirt to prove that it is his only for Peter to realize that it's not his shirt. Mr. Washee Washee is about to shoot Peter because he can kill him legally for invading his house. When Peter tells Mr. Washee Washee that they are at an impasse and asks him how can they settle this, Mr. Washee Washee tells Peter that they fight but he gets to pick the venue which Peter agrees. Peter and Mr. Washee Washee then fight Street Fighter II style, which ends in Peter losing and ending in jail.

He is later seen in the episode "The Finer Strings", where Peter is kicked out of his friend's violin quartet and he tries to get back in by receiving lessons from Mr. Washee Washee. But the lessons and tactics that Mr. Washee Washee is giving Peter are extremely abusive and sadistic, even going far enough to burning him with a hot iron. This emotionally scars Peter to the point of where he destroys his violin at a wedding that he and the quartet performs at.

He is seen later seen in a drug den in the episode "Follow the Money".


Mr. Washee Washee is a tall, skinny Chinese man with short raven bowlcut hair. We wears a red buttoned up shirt, tan pants, a brown belt with a golden buckle, and black shoes.


Mr. Washee Washee is a sadistic and ruthless man, banning people from coming to his store if they get into a fight with him. Despite this, he can be forgiving as shown when he accepts Peter's bad apology when Peter apologizes to him for being rude in his store, only banning the whole family when Peter angrily brings up the shirt again.

He is also very strict but in an abusive way, burning Peter with his clothes iron when he is taking violin lessons while his fingers bleed when he plays continuously.

Mr. Washee Washee is also xenophobic, for when he chases Peter out of his shop he tells Peter that he hates Americans and says that they all look alike.



  • Mr. Washee Washee watches Star Trek, solely to follow the life of Mr. Sulu as he is his favorite character and seemingly doesn't care for anyone else who isn't Asian.

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