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You no come back ever! I don't like you American and all you American lookalike!
~ Washee Washee to Peter Griffin.

Mr Washee Washee is a minor character and antagonist on the TV series Family Guy.

He was voiced by Robert Wu.


He is the Griffin Family's drycleaner. It appears that he has known the family for quite a long time. He owns Super Cowboy USA Hot Dog Rocket Ship American Cleaners Number One drycleaner place in Quahog, Rhode Island.

He was first seen on the episode "Teigs For Two", where Peter rages at him for stealing his t-shirt, then they get into a fight and as a result, Mr. Washee Washee bans him from coming to his drycleaner store. That is until Lois persuades Peter into invite him over to apologize, but when Peter does, he brings up the T-shirt and they fight again, which results in the entire Griffin Family being banned from his place.

He was later seen in the episode "The Finer Strings", where Peter is kicked out of his friend's violin quartet and he tries to get back in by receiving lessons from Mr. Washee Washee. But the lessons and tactics that Mr. Washee Washee is giving Peter are extremely abusive and sadistic, even going far enough to burning him with a hot iron. This emotionally scars Peter to the point of where he destroys his violin at a wedding that he and the quartet preforms at.

He was seen later seen in a drug den in the episode "Follow the Money".


Mr. Washee Washee is a sadistic, abusive, ruthless and power-hungry Japanese man, he shows no mercy or compassion for his customers at all, going far enough to not only burning Peter with his iron but even banning him, and his entire family from his store over a T-shirt which Peter had refused to apologize to him for.

Mr. Washee Washee is xenophobic, for when he chased Peter out of his shop he admitted he had a deep hatred toward the Americans.


  • He is Japanese and his name is a play on the word "washy".
  • He appears to be spoiled because he grew up with a rich Japanese family.


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