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Let's not be so hasty... I can still give you the face you've always dreamed of. Let me keep them, and you could look like this for eternity. But fight me, and face your inevitable future. Looks don't last, Pacifica, and when you're ugly, no one will love you. So, what will it be? Your looks? Or theirs?
~ Mr. Whats-His-Face trying to bribe Pacifica.
You're in my world. And you do not want to face-off with me!
~ Mr. Whats-His-Face
When I get my hands on you, they'll never find your faceless bodies!
~ Mr. Whats-His-Face

Mr. Whats-His-Face is a character in the book Gravity Falls: Lost Legends, which is a spin-off of the original series. He only appears in the first story called Face It as the main antagonist. He is a deal-maker, who steals faces to collect and sell them in a magical underground black market.



When Pacifica notices a wrinkle in her face, she summons him by reading a sentence in the Journal. Mr. Whats-His-Face appears and she makes a deal with him. and offers her a beautiful face, free of blemishes forever. He prepares to take her face away when Dipper and Mabel intervene. He is shocked and takes Mabel's face away. He decides it'll do and teleports away. Dipper and Pacifica follow him and catch him entering a magic door. They follow him to the secret black market. He is in the middle of selling a face to someone.

They follow him to his lair, where he has dozens of faces hung on the wall. He immediately steals Dipper's face as well so he has both twins. Pacifica wants them back, but he shows her the face of her dreams. To scare her, he also shows her a hideous version of her face. She throws some beauty pills at him, which have the side-effect of spontaneously combusting. Whats-His-Face is on fire and screams. The others try to get away and he chases after them, now extremely furious. As they reach the surface, Stanford is there and freezes him, just in time. He takes the demon to his bunker and studies him as his new research subject.


His face is usually completely in shadows and only his bright grin can be seen. He has giant teeth and one gold tooth. It is revealed that his face is simply a giant Jaw with a tongue. He wears a small brown bowler hat, brown gloves, black pants, fancy shoes and a large green checkered trench-coat. When he enters into a contract with someone red flames appear around his hand and a pentagram appears on it as well.


Mr. Whats-His-Face is very manipulative, scheming, arrogant and cunning. He promises other people beauty and also threatens them with ugliness. He pretends to act polite, but is actually a greedy and ruthless businessman. Given this, he is somewhat impatient, but kind to his customers. He does still come across as oddly cheerful as he makes a lot of face-puns. He likes to collect faces and is obsessed with special sets, like twins for example.


  • His backpack has a lot of faces on it, a clear reference to the Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask.
  • It is unknown if he can travel to other dimensions, due to the fact that Slendrina's face was seen in his lair.


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