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I have a new game we can play...
~ Mr. Widemouth
This is an important path. I've had a lot of friends about your age. When they were ready, I took them down this path, to a special place. You aren't ready yet, but one day I hope to take you there.
~ Mr. Widemouth about the path.

Mr. Widemouth is the titular antagonist of the eponymous Creepypasta. He is a creature that resembles a Furby toy, although he remarks that he is better than one. He repeatedly attempts to coax the narrator into engaging in violent or self-injurious behavior, and is heavily implied to have caused the deaths of numerous children this way.


After moving to New Vineyard, the protagonist is diagnosed with mononucleosis, and around a week later he apparently met Mr. Widemouth, although his first memory of Mr. Widemouth is asking him if he has a name. While reading one of the narrator's books, Mr. Widemouth is told he looks like a furby, but says that it's not the same thing as having a real friend. Every time one of the narrator's parents comes in, Mr. Widemouth hides under the bed because he doesn't think that they'll let the narrator play with him.

On the third or fourth night, Mr. Widemouth says he has a new game they could play and takes the narrator to the room at the end of the corridor, where he tries to convince him to jump out a window, saying that he'll bounce back up if he imagines a trampoline. However, the narrator doesn't think his imagination is strong enough and refuses. The next morning, Mr. Widemouth tries to convince the narrator to try and juggle knives, but the narrator refuses because he's not allowed to touch knives (he's only five at the time) and knows that it is not safe to throw them.

The narrator starts having trouble sleeping, mostly because Mr. Widemouth keeps waking him up in the middle of the night trying to convince him to jump out the window by telling him that he put in a real trampoline that he won't be able to see in the darkness, but he always refuses.

One morning, the narrator is finally well enough to go outside. Mr. Widemouth is waiting for him and shows him a trail, telling him that he's had many friends and he always takes them down the track at some point, but the narrator can't go yet. He tells him he can go down soon, but two weeks later his family decides to move again. The narrator doesn't tell Mr. Widemouth because, although he's only five, he realizes he doesn't trust Mr. Widemouth. As they leave, the narrator sees Mr. Widemouth holding a steak knife.

Years later, the narrator returns and discovers the house no longer exists, as it burned down a few years after his family moved away, and Mr. Widemouth is gone. He then goes down the path, and discovers it leads to a graveyard, where a lot of the graves belong to children.




  • Mr. Widemouth was created by perfectcircle35.
  • Mr. Widemouth is commonly seen holding weapons (usually a kitchen knife of sorts) in various fan-art.
  • While it unknown what became of Mr. Widemouth after the house burned down, many have spectulated that he died in the fire or he managed to escape and is now hiding somewhere else.


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