Mr. Wink is a giant troll who was Prince Nuada's strongman and the secondary antagonist in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. He is a troll who never speaks and has an iron fist for a right arm to which he can detach and hurl at enemies.

He was portrayed by Brian Steele, who also played Sammael in the 2004 Hellboy film, William in Underworld: Evolution, and the Berserker Predator in Predators.


He goes to the troll market to buy a case of tooth fairies where he and Prince Nuada release them upon humans at an auction.

He later travels with Nuada to his father's kingdom and assists in slaying the king's guards. When Nuada's sister, Nuala escapes during the fight, Nuada orders Wink to find her and bring her to him. Wink finds Nuala at the Troll Market right when Hellboy and the others had arrived. Wink finds the princess and Abraham Sapien tries to hold him off but with little success. Hellboy arrives and steps in. Wink hurls his iron fist at Hellboy and pushes him into a giant puddle and destroys his cuban cigar which angers Hellboy. The two continue blowing punches but Wink was able to hurl Hellboy across the market. The two then fist pump with Wink's iron fist and Hellboy's giant stone hand and Hellboy's indestructible hand breaks the fist, leaving Wink in agony. Hellboy then constantly beats Wink until he is knocked down. Hellboy then walks away but Wink gets up and hurls his fist one more time at Hellboy but Hellboy dodges in time and the fist becomes wedged in a furnace. The furnace kept eating up the fist and dragging Wink closer to it. Wink begs Hellboy to help him but he just stands there and Wink is burned and crushed to death by the furnace.

Little tiny creatures who witnessed the whole thing ran to tell Prince Nuada what happened and he was upset over the loss of his friend. Nuada finds Hellboy and the others and vows to make him pay for what he did and he releases a giant forest-type elemental upon the city to which Hellboy also destroys.



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