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If God had wanted man to fly...
~ Mr. Kidd
...He would have given him wings, Mr. Kidd.
~ Mr. Wint

Mr. Albert Wint and Mr. Charles Kidd are the secondary antagonists in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever based on the 1956 novel of the same name written by Ian Fleming.
In the movie they are assassins hired by Ernst Stavro Blofeld while in the original novel Wint and Kidd are enforcers who work for a diamond-smuggling crime organisation called "The Spangled Mob".

Mr. Wint was portrayed by Bruce Glover who also played Alec Frost, and Mr. Kidd was portrayed by Putter Smith.


Wint and Kidd are responsible for the death of everyone who has something to do with the smuggle of the diamonds, in order to eliminate all witnesses. When they confronted James Bond, Mr. Kidd's hair caught fire because of Bond and he jumped off board of the ship they were on and drowned. Mr. Wint had a fist fight with Bond but then Bond tied a bomb around Mr. Wint so when he fell of the boat into the water it would detonate, killing Mr. Wint instead of Bond.



  • In the film, it is heavily implied that Wint and Kidd are gay, and possibly lovers. In one scene, they are shown holding hands. In another, Kidd comments that diamond smuggler Tiffany Case is very attractive "for a lady".



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