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Mr. Wood is the main antagonist of the Goosebumps book Night of the Living Dummy. He was created by the same evil wizard who made Slappy.


Mr. Wood has a similar appearance to Slappy, except with red hair instead of brown. He also wears a different clothing, including an orange necklace and sneakers.


Mr. Wood carved by an unnamed wizard out of the same coffin wood as his brother, Slappy. Mr. Wood first appears in Night of the Living Dummy and he intends to enslave the twin sisters and protagonists of the book Lindy and Kris Powell. He treatens to kill their parents and friends and attempts to kill their dog by strangling him. Lindy and Kris chase him otuside their house and he eventually got smashed by a steamroller, thus leaving Slappy to inherit the girls.

He later appears in the "Slappyworld" series in the Book I Am Slappy's Evil Twin which takes place before Night of the Living Dummy. He seems to be hostile to his creator unlike Slappy and Snappy.


  • Though he is the main antagonist of Night of the Living Dummy, Mr. Wood isn't featured in the cover page. Instead, Slappy the Dummy is the one featured in although his living state was just confirmed at the end of the book and that he plays the role of main antagonist in the book's sequels.
    • This situation of Mr. Wood with Slappy is similar to that of Pamela Voorhees with her son Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise: though both Pamela and Mr. Wood were the first antagonists in their series, they are constantly overshadowed by Jason and Slappy, their more popular and iconic successors.
  • In the dream sequence of Slappy's Nightmare, it is revealed that Mr. Wood's first name was Wally.
  • Mr. Wood never made an appearance in the Goosebumps TV series, possibly because the book he was featured in was too violent. Interestingly, Slappy is shown in the TV series to have red hair, despite being a brunette in the books, which may suggest that he was originally meant to be Mr. Wood before the episode was cancelled.
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