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Duck, duck, goose, muthaf--ka.
~ Mr. Wooky

Mr. Wooky is a minor villain of the 2016 satirical comedy horror movie Meet the Blacks.

He is portrayed by Michael Blackson who also played the rude "African Guy" in Next Friday.

He is a local African resident in the city of Chicago, Illinois, who is a once and at least happy proprietor of his African restaurant which he claimed was the best ethnic restaurant in town, but he hired the services of the local electronic business "Don't Hate Wiring" which may have accidently short-circuited the restaurant's electrical system and put him in dire financial straits, Mr. Wooky became bitter and angry towards to the said company's owner Carl Black Sr. himself.

He soon tracked him down to Carl's new house on Cherry Blossoms Avenue within Beverly Hills'


You bitch n**a!
~ Mr. Wooky
Come out! Come to me!
~ Mr. Wooky
Everybody is gonna come in your house... they gonna f**k you!
~ Mr. Wooky (referencing to everybody that Carl Black owed money to during the coming annual Purge).
I traveled a long way to find you.
~ Mr. Wooky
Don't try to play me. You're Carl Black from Chicago, right?
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
Do I look like a f--king joke to you?
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black after his scornful remake comparing Mr. Wooky to Ceasar from the Planet of the Ape franchise.
Consider yourself served.
~ Mr. Wooky sueing Carl Black.
If you didn't do nothing wrong... if you was a perfect human being... none of this shit would happen. I wouldn't have to be here.
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
"Do I think you're black"? Look at me and look at you! We are both black people!
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
What the f**k is wrong with my feet?
~ Mr. Wooky
You think this s--t is a game? You f--king redbone bitch... don't ever disrespect my feet like that again.
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
Yes, you are... and it's because of your company... that Don't Hate Wiring... that has destroyed the best restaurant... Not just restaurant. African restaurant in the city of Chicago! Who else have you f**ked up?
~ Mr. Wooky accusing Carl Black and his Don't Hate Wiring company.
You're very disrespectful.
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
Well, you bitch nigga.
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
Hey, who are you talking to? - Bitch.
~ Mr. Wooky to Carl Black.
You haven't made it yet... you punk-bitch nigga. Your mother's dick is bigger than yours. You're the only nigga in this neighborhood... that is still on welfare. Yes, I Googled you.
~ Mr. Wooky harassing Carl Black.
I'm gonna f**k your wife! I'm gonna crush her p***y!
~ Mr. Wooky threatening Carl Black's wife Lorena.