Mr. Wu is a minor antagonist of the 2012 sci-fi comedy film Men in Black III. He is an extraterrestrial alien posing as a Chinese restaurant owner known for cooking extraterrestrial body parts.

He was portrayed by Keone Young, who also played Lord Qin in Disney's Mulan II.


Mr. Wu first appeared when Agents J and K arrived to his restaurant. At first, Mr. Wu assumed that the agents want something to eat, but soon learns that they actually came to interrogate him. Heading over to the kitchen, the agents soon learned that Mr. Wu and his cohorts have obtained several extraterrestrial body parts to use to cook their food for profit, which is considered a violation of MIB policy.

Mr. Wu tried to justify his actions by claiming that he got larvae to feed, but the agents are unmoved by this as they attempt to put the entire restaurant on lockdown. However, the arrival of Boris the Animal undermined the agents' presence, and Mr. Wu ends up being killed by Boris with two spikes, an act witnessed by a horrified Agent J.

This may have altered after the young Agent K killed the past Boris and the Weasel, thus Mr. Wu's death did not exist.


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