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You were messing with him? The way they said? Why would you do that shit? To a boy? You some kind of f--got?
~ Mr. de la Cruz to his son about raping Tyler.
Mr. de la Cruz: You a f--got?
Monty: Sure.
Mr. de la Cruz: [Spits on Monty's face]
~ Mr. de la Cruz asking Monty if he's gay, which he affirms before the former cruelly spits on his face.

Mr. de la Cruz is a minor antagonist in season 3 of 13 Reasons Why. He is the abusive father of Montgomery de la Cruz and is likely the one whose responsible for shaping his son into who he is.

He is portrayed by Marcus DeAnda.



Most of his background is unknown, as well as the reason for how he is. It is known that Monty's father is very abusive towards his son, to the point where Monty sometimes sleeps under a bridge and carries a nightstick at home. It is very likely that this man's abuse led to his son's sociopathic and dangerous attitude. We also become aware that he is homophobic, which might have contributed to Monty's internal homophobia.

Season 2

He is mentioned in "The Box of Polaroids" by Monty telling Scott that his father attacked him with a hammer. In "Bye", after the groups' efforts to destroy Bryce and the jocks, Monty talks to Bryce about doing something to Tyler, but Bryce tells him that his father hasn't beat him hard enough.

Season 3

In "Nobody's Clean", while Clay and Ani investigate Monty, they wake up at night to see a drunk Mr. de la Cruz looking for Monty. He takes notice of Clay and Ani but passes out before he can do anything else, Monty walks up to him and angrily mocks him, but also spots Clay and Ani. Clay asks Monty if the blood on his nightstick is Bryce's blood, but he tells her it is his and his father's.

In "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You", Monty wakes up from bed and his father asks him about where he was after the homecoming night. Monty tells him he was his friend's house, Charlie St. George.

In "Let the Dead Bury the Dead", Monty is seen in prison for raping Tyler. His father visits Monty in prison and chastises him over it (albeit more angry that he assaulted a male, and not angry over the crime itself). He warns Monty that he will get beaten down by the other inmates for what he did. He then asks Monty if he is gay, and when he admits he is, he spits on him and takes his leave.

It is unknown how he responded to Monty's death. Regardless, he is still the one responsible for Monty's sociopathic and brutal mindset.


You're going to prison. You know what they do to guys like you in there?
(Monty: What do they do? Describe it.)
You're gonna get beat to sh-t! At the minimum; they will beat you down.
(Monty: Yeah, well at least none of them will be my dad!)
~ Monty's father talking to him in jail.
So far, Montgomery's father is said to be extremely abusive. While he has had little screen time so far, it is said that he attacked Monty with a hammer in some kind of outrage. It is quite possible that he is an alcoholic, as he was shown drunkenly trying to attack his son with a nightstick. Even when visiting Monty in jail, his father seemed indifferent to his son's resentment towards him.

It is revealed that Monty's father is also homophobic, which is likely the reason of Monty's repressed homosexuality. After the latter had admitted that he was gay, his father glared at him for a brief moment before spitting on his face and leaving without a word. In the end, he seemed more angry over Monty's homosexuality rather than the fact that he sexually assaulted another student.

Despite his abuse, he did mention that he "bust my [his] ass" for his family, assuming that he does work hard for them. Although whether this is really true, as well as if he treated his wife and daughter differently isn't shown.


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