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Mrs. Bathory is an minor antagonist from Hostel II.

She was portrayed by Monika Malicova.


Lorna along with her friends Beth Salinger and Whitney, appear in Slovakia. They end up staying at the hotel, and later on go to a festival. Lorna ends up falling in love with a Russian man known as Roman. Beth warns her not to go far away with him because she does not know him well yet. Lorna did not listen and went with Roman on a boat. As they went on the boat, Roman ended up pulling her out and knocking her out.

Roman ends up bringing her to the factory, in which she is stripped naked, while she is attached to the ceiling upside down. She screams and starts crying from the events, while Roman with other guards leave the room, and let Mrs. Bathory get inside the room. She stares at Beth's naked body, and she removes her clothes, becoming naked as well. She lays beneath Lorna inside of a tub. She ends up taking a scythe and slashing her back. Lorna's blood started dripping all over Mrs. Bathory's naked body, which escalates in Mrs. Bathory taking a sickle, slitting Lorna's throat, letting all of her blood drop on her naked body, while Lorna dies in agony.


  • She was based off the real-life Hungarian serial killer Elizabeth Báthory, who she is named after.


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