Inspiration comes from the artist, not from tools!
~ Mrs. Briar.
I've hunt for centuries and I will hunt for centuries to come.
~ Mrs. Briar revealing her true nature.

Mrs. Briar is the villain of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode, "The Tale of the Unfinished Painting". She is an evil woman who hunts souls for her master, so she can stay alive forever. 

She was portrayed by Vivian Reis.


Early Life

Mrs. Briar was into dark magic and witchcraft of some sort. She started serving a master (possibly a demon or The Devil himself) known as The Hunter, which was a living shunken head. Mrs. Briar hunted souls for centuries to strengthen the Hunter, who granted her apparent immortality as payment. The way she collected souls was to make people finish unfinished paintings with cursed paintbrushes. This makes the artist literally put their soul in the painting. So, when the artist signed the painting, he or she would become trapped inside making the painting alter a bit. The character in the painting would look like the trapped person. The signature would then change to Mrs. Briar's signature, to erase any trace of her victims and thus deflect suspicion from her.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

In the 1990's, Mrs. Briar is the owner of the Hunter Gallery. Cody is an aspiring artist who stumbles upon the Hunter Gallery and meets Mrs. Briar. There she sees many paintings signed with Mrs. Briar's signature and she thinks they are wonderful. Unkowingly all the paintings have souls trapped inside them. Mrs. Briar shows Cody many unfinished paintings and another girl named Jenna also working on an unfinished painting. Mrs. Briar says that Cody may come work to finish a painting and Cody accepts the offer happily. When Cody leaves, Mrs. Briar goes to a wooden cabinet and picks out one of her cursed paintbrushes to later give to Cody. While there she talks with her master, the Hunter, and tells him, "Another lamb has come to us." This is the first real hint as to Mrs. Briar's evil nature, as it calls to mind the old saying "A lamb to the slaughter," which refers to people who are willingly led to their own doom. The next day, Cody begins painting with Mrs. Briar's special paintbrush. After a while Cody goes to search for a new paintbrush and discovers the wooden cabinet with the shunken head and brushes in it. She touches one brush and gets a vision of a girl screaming. Shocked, she closes the cabinet and leaves. Later, Jenna has finished her painting and Mrs. Briar manipulates her to sign it. Jenna does and she gets trapped inside the painting. Cody comes back after a bad dream and sees the painting Jenna was working on hanging in the gallery and signed by Mrs. Briar, with the face of one of its central figures now bearing a distinct resemblance to Jenna. Mrs. Briar lies and says Jenna had decided not to return to the gallery. Eventually Cody finishes her painting, but gets very suspicious about what happened to Jenna. She goes around the building and ends up in the room with the wooden cabinet. When she touches the brushes she sees vision of different people screaming. She gets scared and calls her brother Lucas. Mrs. Briar finds Cody and encourages her to sign her painting. Cody does and gets trapped inside the painting. Lucas enter the gallery and asks for Cody. Mrs. Briar takes the painting with Cody and lights it on fire attempting to kill Cody. Luckily Cody learns how to get out of the painting (She takes the brush she had used to paint it and destroys it, breaking it over her knee) and takes all of the cursed brushes. She meets up with Lucas but the two are confronted by Mrs. Briar. The twisted woman tells the two siblings that she has been hunting for centuries and intends to continue hunting for centuries to come, and that they cannot stop her. Cody retorts, "We can't, but maybe your victims can!" Cody then throws the brushes into the fire which sets all the spirits free, thus making both Mrs. Briar and the Hunter lose their powers and die.


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