Template:InfoboxTemplate:ImportantMrs Danvers is the villain of Daphnée Du Maurier's novel Rebecca by Daphnée Du Maurier, made internationaly famous by its movie adaptation by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. An icy, stern and imposing figure never ever seen smiling, Mrs Danvers (portrayed in the movie by Judith Anderson) has been widely praised as one of the most memorable movie villainesses ever seen. She is is the housekeeper of the Manderley estate, property of the wealthy aristocrat Maxim de Winter, and harbours an unealthy adoration for Maxim's late wife, the eponymous Rebecca.

In the begining of the story, a young woman whose name is never revealed meets Maximilian de Winter, a widower aristocrat, in Monte Carlo. The two fall in love and get quickly married, and Maxim takes his new wife to his country manor of Manderley, where she is welcomed warmly by all the servants working there. The new Mrs de Winter then meets the housekeeper Mrs Danvers, who greets her rather coldly but doesn't displays any open dislike. Mrs Danvers shows her new mistress her quarters and her study, where all the bedsheets and even the pieces or paper bear an embroidered 'R', the initial of Maxim's first wife, Rebecca: a beautiful and sophisticated woman who seemed to be the perfect noble lady in all regards, and who died a year ago in mysterious circumstances, when her yacht sank.

As the story progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that Mrs Danvers despises her new mistress, whom she regards as a pale substitute, and that she admired Rebecca to the point of adoration. An adoration unveiled slowly but surely, each second more disturbing than the precedent.

The new Mrs de Winter, who comes from a

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