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Mrs. Fletcher is the main antagonist in the Still Game episode "Down and Out". She is the runner of a retirement home who on the surface seems to the helping and caring towards the elderly people who live in her retirement home but in reality she corrupt control freak who keeps her residents cooped up in the home, not even allowing their friends to visit.


She at first appears friendly towards the new residents and even allows them a lot of freedom, however after Jack, Victor and Winston come back late one night, she gets more controlling and sets up curfews and sets up guards at the exists and locks them every night. This however does not affect Tam and Winston since the latter are setting up another one of Tam's money making schemes. Afterwards she decides they are now not allowed to leave at all and because of this Navid and Boaby start a party in the care home. When Fletcher finds Navid the next morning passed out on a chair she tells him she's calling the police and to not bother trying to escape since the doors were all locked. In response Navid grabs a water dispenser and smashes the glass door with it and struts off in pride leaving Fletcher in a state of rage. She reluctantly lets them leave to visit the demolition of the Craiglang flats they lived in prior to the care home, however Tam and Winston accidentally stop it after Winston's false leg pops off and he gets pinned under a mattress and Tam leaves him to die. Tam leaps in an attempt of cover however the demolition is cancelled and Winston whacks Tam over the head with his false leg knocking him unconscious. Fletcher made no later appearance.