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Mrs. Frommer is the main antagonist from "Forever", episode 3.21 of CSI.

She was portrayed by Lee Garlington.


Mrs. Frommer is the mother of Jill Frommer, and she had also taken in Toby Wellstone as a foster kid five years prior to the events. After her husband's passing, Mrs. Frommer sent Toby back into the system, only for Jill to bring him back due to the abuse he suffered. Toby and Jill then began a relationship, which resulted in the birth of a child. The couple later became extremely suicidal, and it was at that moment that Mrs. Frommer decided to use their unwillingness to live to gain possession of their baby.

Instead of attempting to talk them out of it, the evil Mrs. Frommer subtly pushed them into killing themselves, even giving them access to the proper drugs they could use. The callous villainess later drove Toby and Jill to the desert after giving them their last meals, however jill and quiete possibly Toby  thought about the baby and had a a change of heart .however despite this she ignored her daughter's pleas for her to come back for her; instead leaving with the baby. Warrick and Sara confronted Mrs. Frommer at her home in the episode's climax, with her response solely consisting of defense of her actions, stating that it wasn't a crime to watch people kill themselves. Following her cold and callous responses, Warrick and Sara had Mrs. Frommer arrested for murder.