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Mrs. Griffin

Mrs. Griffin is the main antagonist from "Miscarriage of Justice", episode 9.14 of CSI.

She was portrayed by Melinda McGraw.


Mrs. Griffin is the wife of Congressman Edward Griffin, but as revealed later on, their marriage was that of convenience, as Edward constantly had affairs. She accepted her husband's dalliances, but during his campaign run, she had one rule: look, but don't touch. The couple was also attempting to have a baby, but Mrs. Griffin suffered a miscarriage. After arriving home from the hospital, Mrs. Griffin caught Edward with his mistress, Amber Jones, and struck her across the face in anger. A later visit to the hospital revealed that Mrs. Griffin contracted chlamydia; clearly catching the disease from her husband, who got it from Amber. After connecting the proverbial dots, Mrs. Griffin plotted a murderous revenge on her husband's mistress.

The villainess went to Amber's home under the false pretense of wanting to apologize to her, and after she entered, she pulled out her husband's gun and shot Amber. Amber begged for her life, stating that she had a daughter, only for the evil Mrs. Griffin to reply that her (unborn) daughter was dead because of Amber, and fired another shot that killed Amber. Mrs. Griffin left the gun at the scene, and after committing the murder, she informed her husband that he has chlamydia; doing so while Edward noticed that his gun was missing, realizing that his wife committed murder.

Edward was put on trial and convicted in Amber's murder, but shortly after his conviction, Langston provided evidence of Mrs. Griffin's involvement in the murder. The villainous wife was interrogated by Catherine and Brass, and it was there that she confessed to killing Amber, accusing her of destroying her last chance of being a mother. With that, Edward's conviction was overturned, and Mrs. Griffin was then arrested for her crimes (off-screen).


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