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Mrs. Grossman is the main antagonist of The Origin of Laughing Jack. She is the abusive mother of Isaac Grossman and the victimized wife of Mr. Grossman.


As the mother of the family, Mrs. Grossman would be doing chores around the house, though she is rather neglectful of Isaac as while she does help him with his homework, she doesn't spend time with him a lot and doesn't do anything to make his lonely life better. She would often be abused and raped by Mr. Grossman, which seems to be the factor to her rather stern behavior and would sometimes take it out on Isaac in the aftermath by abusing him.

One day, unbeknownst to Mrs. as Mr. Grossman, Isaac would find a box in his room, open it, and a mysterious being named Laughing Jack would pop out of it in the form of a jovial clown. After Jack introduces himself to Isaac, the latter tries to introduce him to his mother only for him to disappear when he tries to show him to her, which would cause his mother to slap and verbally abuse Isaac before leaving the room, leaving Isaac to sob with his head on his bed. However, Laughing Jack would cheer him up and befriend him and thus, the two would play a good amount of games and have lots of fun, until an unfortunate day where while the two were playing Pirates, Jack would end up accidentally strangling a cat to death, unintentionally incriminating Isaac in the aftermath, which Mrs. Grossman would furiously punish him for by sending him to boarding school for the rest of the years. This would cause Isaac to abandon Jack and leave him back in his box for years.

As the years went by, Mrs. Grossman would continually get abused and raped by her husband, until one day, the abuse becomes so bad that she ends up succumbing to her bearings and dying. This would result in Mr. Grossman getting executed by being hanged at the gallows. As a result of their deaths, Isaac would officially gain ownership of their house due to being an adult by then and would later on become a serial killer and torturer.

Despite not appearing in the story much, Mrs. Grossman's abusive behavior combined with her husband's neglectful behavior would have a negative impact on Isaac's personality as they would result in turning him into a sadistic serial killer and torturer by the time he grew up, making her a major character in the story.


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