Mrs. Johnson AHP

Mrs. Johnson is the main villainess from "Listen, Listen...!," episode 3.32 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

She was played by the late Edith Evanson.


Mrs. Johnson (first name not revealed) is the wife of Herbert Johnson, and the mother of their daughter, Helen Jameson. The couple raised Helen in a strict and religious household, and because of this, Mrs. Johnson became furious at Helen due to what she considered her "sinful" lifestyle. As a twisted act of punishment, Mrs. Johnson strangled Helen to death with a pair of stockings and later drew the letter "A" on her daughter's body with lipstick. The villainess' method copied that of a man named Mr. Schultz, who was known as the Stockings Killer, and as a result, Helen's murder was added to two more killings that he was accused of.


Mrs. Johnson doesn't appear until the end of the episode, when Herbert arrived home attempting to convince police that Schultz didn't kill Helen, only to fail. Herbert informed his wife about what he had been doing, only for Mrs. Johnson to tell Herbert to never to bring it up because he thinks to much. After washing her hands, Mrs. Johnson retrieved a towel to dry her hands, which uncovered the stockings and lipstick; revealing Mrs. Johnson's villainous role in her daughter's death. In the very last scene, the evil Mrs. Johnson gave a twisted smile, showing pleasure over getting away with murder.