Mrs Lomax HC2

Mrs. Lomax is the main antagonist of The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) and is the abusive mother of the protagonist villain Martin Lomax. She is emotionally abusive towards Martin, which leads to his descent into madness and obsession with The Human Centipede (First Sequence) film.

She is played by Vivien Bridson.


Mrs. Lomax is emotionally abusive towards her adult son Martin, and blames him for her husband (and Martin's father) being in prison, despite the fact Mr. Lomax had sexually abused Martin, especially as a child. When Martin starts to obsess over a horror film named The Human Centipede (First Sequence) and mentions to her (off-screen) about a centipede with 12 people attached, she questions his psychiatrist and family friend Dr. Sebring. Dr. Sebring claims the obsession with the centipede is probably due to Martin's sexual abuse at the hands of his father. Despite Martin's bad state of mental health, Mrs. Lomax continues to berate him and blame him for her husband's imprisonment.

Mrs. Lomax is suicidal and talks about killing both Martin and her. When the disruptive neighbour Dick plays his music too loud, Mrs. Lomax bangs on the ceiling to try and quiet him down. Dick lets himself into the flat and Mrs. Lomax puts the blame on Martin and begs Dick to kill them both. Angry, Dick beats Martin up and threatens him not to bang on the ceiling and leaves.

Later on Mrs. Lomax goes into Martin's room at night and stabs at his bed, however realises he isn't there when he walks into the room. Mrs. Lomax prepares to slash her wrists, but discovers Martin's scrapbook of Human Centipede memorabilia and looks on it in disgust. She tears up the book and later tries to get rid of Martin's pet centipede. In anger and frustration, Martin finally snaps and pushes her head into the glass cage and Mrs. Lomax is bitten in the face by the centipede. She falls to the floor in agony, and Martin returns with a crowbar and repeatedly beats her over the head, crushing it into a bloody mess and killing her. Martin later uses her corpse to lure the abusive neighbour and kidnap him.

It is hinted at the end of the film that Martin had dreamed up the whole event, leaving her fate unknown.

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