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Villain Overview

You do everything right in life. Play by all the rules and still get sent down here with all the Hitlers and Epsteins of the world. After one measly massacre propelled by blind rage. So that's why I'm here. To get my revenge.
~ Mrs. Mayberry explaining her story to Blitzo.
~ Mrs. Mayberry to Blitzo about Martha.

Mrs. Mayberry is a minor character in Helluva Boss who first appears in the episode "Murder Family". She is a former school teacher who killed herself after she caught her husband cheating on her with another woman named Martha, who survived the homicide attack. After becoming a demon, she hires Blitzo and his company to assassinate Martha.

She was voiced by Mara Wilson who also portrayed herself in Nostalgia Critic.


Before her death, she was a school teacher and was seemingly nice her whole life. While singing with her students, one of them reminded her it's her husband's birthday, which Mayberry starts to panic as she forgot and didn't get him a present.

However, once she uses her computer to video call her husband to wish him a happy birthday, she sees him with another woman in bed. She and her students are shocked in horror, she snaps and storms out of the classroom. One of the students tries to calm her down but gets thrown into the ceiling by the teacher. Mayberry drives to her house and kills her husband and the woman, while her students were still watching and takes her own life realizing what she has done.

However, after being sent to Hell and becoming a demon, she learns that the woman survived the attack and became a hero because of the incident, she received two million dollars and appeared on talk shows. Mayberry goes to I.M.P Headquarters and hires them for their services. Blitzo tells her that he and his company only kill targets from the living world. Mayberry reveals to him that the woman survived and became a hero to the public. In the lobby, Blitzo introduce Mayberry to the rest of the staff. While walking Mayberry to a taxi, Blitzo tells her that the target will be killed within 24 hours or else the contract is free.

Back in Hell, after Moxxie succeeds in killing Martha and the family being killed by the cops, the I.M.P staff and Mayberry congratulate him and celebrating the job with cake.


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