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Mrs. Nerse

Mrs. Nerse is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Here Comes the Bribe". She is the wife of Dr. Nerse, who was willing to seduce and have sex with Cleveland Brown, potentially destroying his marriage with Donna.

She was voiced by Angelina Jolie, who also played Lola in DreamWorks' Shark Tale, Grendel's Mother in the 2007 film adaptation of Beowulf, and the title character in Disney's Maleficent.


Dr. Nerse was giving marriage counseling to Cleveland and Donna and promised Cleveland to make everything happen in his favor, if he paid him. It was not long before Nerse asked him to "pay" him by sleeping with his currently sexually unsatisfied wife and threatened to blackmail him if he did not. Lately, the spark in Dr. and Mrs. Nerse's sex lives had disappeared and Mrs. Nerse agreed that sleeping with a black man, would put her back into it again. Like all Jewish people, Dr. Nerse only had one black friend, so this was his only option.

At the Nerse house, Mrs. Nerse was sitting on a bed, in a candlelit room, wearing a revealing negligee. She asked Cleveland to step forth and have sex with her. Cleveland hesitantly came closer, but then Mrs. Nerse grabbed him by the shirt collar, tore off his shirt, and then flung him down on the bed, preparing for some very rough relations. She laid down on Cleveland's chest and then prepared to kiss him on the lips. Just before she did, Cleveland pushed her back off and told her that he was a married man and he wouldn't have sex with her.

After this, the lights turned on and Dr. Nerse and Donna came out from behind the curtains. Dr. Nerse said that this was all part of a test to see if Cleveland would still be faithful to Donna, which he was. This got the duo to reconcile and for Cleveland to jokingly ask Mrs. Nerse if she was still up for sleeping with a black woman.


Mrs. Nerse is a Caucasian adult female with long, lush black hair. She has a beautiful face with plucked eyebrows, purple eye shadow, and dark red lipstick. She has a sexually appealing curvy body with big breasts and a small, but tight posterior. She wears a bright red revealing negligee with no bra underneath. She wears dark red hosiery, gray knee socks, and red high heels.


Mrs. Nerse is a seductive, promiscuous and sexually hungry woman. She is very experimental and provocative, enjoying sex with people of all colors and genders. However, she is also very immoral and cruel, not caring if having sex with said people are going to ruin their marriages. Since she and her husband have an open marriage, she sees nothing unethical about having sex with other married people.


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