Animals are not people.
~ Mrs. Satterfield

Mrs. Satterfield is the main antagonist of Disney's 1969 live-action film Rascal. She is a dastardly housekeeper who hates all animals and wants to kick out Rascal and Wowser.

She was portrayed by the late Elsa Lanchester, who also played Katie Nanna in Mary Poppins.


As Rascal becomes at first a threatened nuisance and later a real nuisance to the North’s otherwise kindly neighbors, Garth Shadwick and Cy Jenkins. Furthermore, the housekeeper that Theo wants to hire for Sterling while she and Mr. North are away, Mrs. Satterfield, hates animals. Sterling is caught in a bind: he has no human companionship, and his beloved Rascal is causing problems throughout the town.

Later, after Rascal helps the town's favorite horse win the race, Theo arrives and asks Satterfield about Sterling and Willard. Satterfield lies about them by telling her that Willard and Sterling moved out because the house was a mess. As Theo arrives at the house, Sterling explains to her why he hates Satterfield. The next morning, Sterling sets Rascal free in the company of a female raccoon, knowing that together the two animals will be able to protect themselves from a lynx.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, she only had a brief amount of screen-time.


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