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Mrs. Timbol is one of the supporting antagonists of Crackdown. She is one of the most evil generals of Shai-Gen hiring the new recruits to kidnap and mercilessly murder many innocents.


Mrs. Timbol's main role is commanding Shai Gen's Human Resources department, overwatching the training of current recruits for the corporation's Security Force. Her deep indoctrination program is mercilessly effective. Those who did not manage provide target practice for those who manage.

After death

Mrs. Timbol's fate has disolved Shai-Gen's prolific training and abduction programs. The effects are spreading fast. New recruits are not so effective, and the Corridor is no longer dangerous for civilians at during night.


Mrs. Timbol is the cold and ruthless director of Shai-Gen. But she revels in stealing both by Shai-Gen's Assurances department: a covert group abducting innocent civilians for service in sadistic and atrocious training exercises and research.

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