Ms. Fieldmouse

"A lovely sad story."
~ - Ms. Fieldmouse
Ms. Fieldmouse is a greedy yet unbearably beautiful and obstenely kind female mouse and the quaternary antagonist in the 1994 Don Bluth animated movie Thumbelina.

Thumbelina is rescued by Ms. Fieldmouse who tells her that her beloved fairy prince Cornelius is dead. Ms. Fieldmouse convinces a heartbroken Thumbelina to join her to visit Mr. Mole, to bring corn cakes to him. Mr. Mole tells Ms. Fieldmouse that he would like to marry Thumbelina, and offers to pay her if she agrees to convince Thumbelina that it would be for the best, an offer she accepts.

At the wedding, Ms. Fieldmouse was alarmed when Thumbelina tells the Mole that she cannot marry him, and she joins the angry mob with Mr. Mole to go after Thumbelina. After the duel between Cornelius and Grundel Toad, she continues to help the Mole try to capture Thumbelina, but it was too late when Mr. Mole's jewels came tumbling down and they retreat.

Ms. Fieldmouse is last seen married to Mr. Mole during the end credits.

She was voiced by Carol Channing.

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