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Ms. Hushbaum is the titular villain protagonist of the "Loud Librarian" sketches of All That. As the sketch title says, she is a librarian who is ironically the one who is really loud. She does a lot of loud activities inside the library, and yet she yells at anyone else for even the tiniest peep for any reason.


  1. She screams at a baby she admires and shakes the carriage, making the baby cry... then she screams at it to shut up, and then screams at the mother for questioning this and throws them out... and she throws out a girl for trying to give her a piece of her mind.
  2. She throws out a guy into the cold outdoors for coughing (He had pneumonia).
  3. She does the same thing to a girl for choking (which could result in her eventual death).
  4. She sets off fireworks indoors when she is convinced by phone call that she won a free trip to Memphis.
  5. She unfairly yells at a guy for not telling her that a book he was returning is damaged by a cover coming off... she had no right because he tried to, but just because it's talking, she wouldn't let him in the first place.
  6. After giving a library card to a girl, she takes it away for talking (she was just saying thank you to her) and destroys it.
  7. She installs a bell for every opening of the door, and yet she yells at anyone going in or out just for every time making the door open.
  8. She mows the carpet.
  9. She brings in forbidden animals: dogs for fox hunts, sheep for herding, and a bull for a bullfight.
  10. She pops popcorn, tries frying bacon, and blends juice in a blender while still in the library... Food and drink are not allowed in a library. Not to mention, when the bacon won't fry any faster, she throws it out onto the floor. That could spread poisoning.
  11. She leads a marching band through the library.
  12. She plays loud music while the guests are trying to study.
  13. She loudly sings "America the Beautiful" into a vacuum cleaner while the guests are still present.
  14. She threatens a guy with violence.
  15. She operates a jackhammer, which is strictly for pavement only.
  16. Concerning note #7, after the installation, she throws the ladder she was on, and she yells at the guy she threw it at, even for complaining about it.
  17. She licks some object in an attempt to label books. Nobody wants to borrow a book that has another person's saliva or any germs from that body fluid on it, so it is a health code violation.
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