Ms. Kelp is Lisa Simpson's new substitute teacher and the main antagonist in the comic book Simpsons Comics #4 - It's in the Cards.


Ms. Kelp becomes Lisa's substitute teacher who doesn't like Lisa at all. It starts on the first day when she tells Lisa she is late, although the lesson actually starts in five minutes.

Their conflict continues due Ms. Kelp's very "special" teaching methods which usually involve rewriting books in order to practice calligraphy. When Lisa suggests it would be better if they wrote their own ideas down, Ms. Kelp angrily tells her to continue and keep her individuality in.

Despite working hard, Lisa simply can't get along with her new teacher and is punished and taunted all the time. Later, the art's and craft's show then takes place at school and Lisa brings a sand casting which represented many races and cultures joining hand. However, Ms. Kelp misinterprets it as an anti-multicultural theme and Lisa gets an A.


  • She is similar to another substitute teacher, Ms. Cantwell, who also bullied Lisa.

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