Miss Sadie Macbeth is the main antagonist of the animated series I.N.K. Invisible Network Of Kids.


Ms. Macbeth is the evil teacher of Pinkertown. She has purple hair, black eyes, dark pink turtleneck jacket, long dark green skirt, boots, bright green glasses, purple nail polish, and a pointy nose. She is an evil villain who causes problems to I.N.K. Invisible Network Of Kids. She always plans up mischievous plans. She is a teacher in the Pinkerton School but spends much more energy hatching evil schemes to take over the world than to teach her students. She has a pet goldfish who she considers to be her evil companion, even though it is just like a normal goldfish who can't talk. No child knows about she being evil except for I.N.K. Invisible Network Of Kids. She describes herself as the evil villain. Interestingly enough, she also holds the functions of a "mascot" for the show, insofar as she is the one making most of the musical parts (in every episode she is singing a song about her evil scheme) and stars as a more crudely drawn cartoon character in the 'Science Club' sequences at the end of every episode. While being a villain, her goofyness and the randomness of her actions make her the comic relief of the show as well. In "Investigation at Pinkerton", it was revealed that Macbeth was a famous children's singer named Valentine Bergonia 30 years ago.

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