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Oh yeah, Craig, tell yo' fine daddy I said... Hhhiiiii...!
~ Ms. Pearly with her "attraction" towards Willy Jones

Ms. Pearly is a minor villainess in Friday After Next. She is the manager of the apartment building and Damon's mother.

Ms. Pearly threatens Craig and Day-Day that she'll throw them out on Christmas Day if they don't pay the rent money.

She is portrayed by Bebe Drake.



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In Friday After Next

Ms. Pearly runs the apartment in Los Angeles as the building's manager. She didn't care that the Robber Santa Claus robbed Craig and Day-Day that one late Christmas Eve night.

She uses her son Damon to scare them in order to get the money as she will to anyone who doesn't play by her rules.

Later, she goes in their apartment and she found weed and tried to take it, but the dog named Chico bites her.

Later, during the Christmas party at Craig's apartment, Ms. Pearly tries to hit on Mr. Willie Jones whom she also knows as "Sweet Dick Willie," but he doesn't want her. Then her hair gets snatched at by Willie's wife and Craig's mother Betty, who's angry at them both.

She tries to call the cops about the party, but no one took her seriously.


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