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"Are you just going to sit here and accept this? Do we let ThunderClan choose our leader for us? How many of our warriors do you think will follow you, you sniveling, crow-food eating traitor?"
~ Mudclaw to Onewhisker after being demoted in Starlight

Mudclaw is a recurring antagonist in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.

He is a minor anti-hero in the original arc The Prophecies Begin, the secondary antagonist in The New Prophecy arc, a minor protagonist in the Omen of the Stars arc, and the main protagonist of the manga Winds of Change.

He is a former WindClan deputy who after being replaced due to sharp personality and possibility of causing wars with ThunderClan, felt openly betrayed by his leader and manipulated by Hawkfrost, organised a rebellion against Onewhisker. After sensing defeat, Mudclaw and his followers started to retreat, only for him to be betrayed by Hawkfrost and moments afterwards crushed by a falling tree.

He went to StarClan where Tallstar explained to him the whole ordeal and Mudclaw apologised to Onewhisker on his leader ceremony, before giving him one of his nine lives.


The Prophecies Begin

While not mentioned by name, he along with his Clan had been driven out of their territory by Brokenstar. While staying in their hideout under the one of the Thunderpaths, they were found by Fireheart and Graystripe, who helped them return home. However, once it's been revealed that ThunderClan is keeping Brokentail prisoner, Mudclaw was furious upon this revelation, openly accusing ThunderClan of harboring murderers and participated in attack on ThunderClan's camp. Some time after Bluestar's death, he allowed Fireheart and Cinderpelt to cross their border, due to the latter going to receive his nine lives and leader name, giving condolences to the ThunderClan cats for their loss.

After TigerClan's attack on WindClan, he is visibly heavily injured, yet manages to reach ThunderClan and despite his attitude towards them, he asks them for help in the fight. After the battle with BloodClan, he is seen returning with his leader and two apprentices after chasing the enemies away.

The New Prophecy

He is the new deputy of WindClan, following Deadfoot's death. His and Tallstar's rule over WindClan is noted to be well balanced. Mudclaw also mentors new apprentice, Crowpaw, who is chosen on a journey to the Sun-Drown place.

He participates in the Great Journey along with the other clans, during which he slowly starts to take over the leadership position, due to Tallstar's age and sickness.

However, once they reach their destination, Mudclaw finds out that with his dying breath, Tallstar stripped him of his deputy rank, replacing him with Onewhisker in order to prevent Mudclaw from becoming leader of his Clan, due to his aggressive nature. Infuriated by this, the former deputy conspires with Hawkfrost of RiverClan, to get rid of Onewhisker and take back the title and rank he deserves. They gather enough followers and during night, they start the rebellion. He briefly fights Onewhisker, before attacking Firestar, who is then saved by Squirrelflight. After the battle came to end, he fled with Hawkfrost right on his heels. Suddenly, the RiverClan tom pinned Mudclaw down, before tussling briefly. Hawkfrost then revealed that Mudclaw persuaded him into helping him, by promising to make the former the deputy of WindClan, to which Mudclaw furiously requests for Hawkfrost to add that he'd also help the latter take over the RiverClan. The RiverClan tom denies this accusation, which prompts Mudclaw to call him a liar, before shaking him off of him and attempting to attack Brambleclaw yet again. Another attempt that was foiled by Hawkfrost, who lashed out at him, causing Mudclaw to dodge and flee. Moments afterwards, he is spotted by Brambleclaw on the shore next to an island, his silhouette lit up by a lightning. It strikes a tree, causing it to fall on Mudclaw, who can only give out one last shriek of fear, before being crushed by the tree, killing him.


Mudclaw is a wiry, mottled, dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.


Mudclaw is an ambitious cat and ruthlessly protective of his Clan. He is aggressive and short-tempered, which ends up with his sometimes threatening cats from other clans. However, after being betrayed by Hawkfrost, Mudclaw realized that he had been lied to and manipulated by the RiverClan warrior and regrets his actions.



  • Shrewclaw (father)
  • Ryestalk (mother)
  • Tornear (brother)


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