I heard... that they're awfully stingy with their money. Ahuhuhuhu... You think your taste is too refined for our pastries, don't you, deary? Ahuhuhu... I disagree with that notion. I think your taste... Is exactly what this next batch needs!
~ Muffet before battling Frisk.

Muffet is a minor antagonist and mini-boss in the indie RPG game Undertale. She is a spider monster who runs a bake sale charity for other spiders. At the same time, she is also hired by a certain someone to kill Frisk and turn in their SOUL in exchange for a generous amount of money.


Muffet is an unsettling yet polite and caring monster, who does show to care for her fellow spiders. In spite of this, she does prove to be quite greedy and scandalous as she charges ridiculously high prices for her pastries. One monster also reveals that she scared him into buying a donut by eyeing him hungrily. It is also indicated that Muffet sees others as potential food, as she regretted not webbing up and eating Alphys, even when the royal scientist tried to warn her of the player's killing rampage.

Muffet also proves to be opportunistic, as she agreed to kill Frisk and give their soul to Mettaton in exchange for a large amount of money. In her battle, she taunts Frisk and sics her giant spider pet on them. However, Muffet did let Frisk go after discovering that the child never harmed a single spider, albeit throwing a few cruel teases here and there.

Despite all this, Muffet does show to care for her own, as she wishes to raise charity for spiders trapped in the Ruins, proving that her prices are for charity purposes and not out of pure greed.


Pacifist/Neutral Routes

Frisk proceeds along Muffet's bake sale, whether they buy anything is up to the player (and if they can afford anything from the bake sale). After walking through the Spider Entrance, Frisk is slowly trapped by the webs and Muffet mentions how a human wearing a striped shirt was mentioned to like killing spiders and tearing their legs off.

Muffet then proceeds to battle Frisk, using her tea to turn their SOUL purple, which restricts the SOUL to the purple lines. The player is capable of paying gold to reduce the strength of Muffet's attacks. Muffet sends the smaller spiders and uses her donuts and croissants to attack Frisk. All the while, a little spider shows what attacks are coming next with a sign. Muffet also summons her pet, a giant cupcake-like spider to chase Frisk. During the fight, Muffet reveals that somebody offered her a lot of money for Frisk's SOUL and that with it, she could rent a heated limousine to grant the spiders safe passage out of the RUINS.

However, Muffet receives a telegram from the spiders in the Ruins stating that Frisk never harmed a single spider. Here, Muffet apologizes and allows Frisk to leave, while teasing that she'd wrap them up and let them play with her pet again, only to reveal that she was just kidding. Either way, Muffet spares Frisk and the player can then leave and continue on.

Muffet appears during Frisk's encounter with Flowey, where she cheers the human on alongside the other monsters.

In the credits of the True Pacifist Ending, it is revealed that Muffet has had success with a new spider bakery on the surface.

Genocide Route

After Frisk walks into the Spider Entrance, Muffet mentions that she heard that Frisk's tastes are awful and expresses pity that the human isn't fit to be eaten. Muffet states that rotten ingredients can always be discarded, and proceeds to battle. If the player does not attack and to hear the dialogue, then Muffet reveals that someone who looked like a "total nerd" came to warn her to flee, only for Muffet to refuse. She expressed regret at not trapping Alphys, saying that she would have made a juicy donut.

The little spider then comes along with a telegram stating that even though Frisk is a "hyper-violent murderer" they never laid a finger on any spiders. Muffet then spares Frisk, but the player still attacks and kills Muffet (lest they spare her and abandon the Genocide Route). The little spider then returns to find Muffet gone, it then fetches and leaves a flower for her. Possibly as thanks for the help she gave to the other spiders.


Muffet's Laugh

Spider Dance



  • Muffet was designed by Michelle Czajkowski, the creator of the webcomic Ava's Demon.
  • According to Toby Fox, he felt that he made Muffet's fight too difficult, even though it was changed a few times during development.
  • Similar to Papyrus and Undyne, Muffet has a signature laugh; "Ahuhuhuhu".
    • Some enemies, when attacked, play the same laugh that Muffet uses leading up to her fight but sped up.
  • The player can cut Muffet's battle short if they have Frisk use one of Muffet's products bought from the Ruins. If this happens, the spider's telegram will state that Frisk donated to their cause.
    • Muffet's battle can also be skipped entirely if the player manages to buy something from her bake sale.
  • Attempting to call Papyrus while in the Spider Entrance will trigger the message "The signal is clogged with cobwebs".
  • According to her creator, Muffet's age is unknown.
  • She is the only miniboss with her own SOUL Mode.
    • However, if you include the Switch version of the game, Mad Mew Mew also has their own SOUL Mode. However, unlike Muffet, Mad Mew Mew's battle is not part of the main game.
  • It is indicated that Muffet had been making her food out of spiders, which could arguably make her a cannibal.
    • However, it should be noted that this kind of behavior is natural for spiders.
  • Muffet is probably the least evil Undertale and Deltarune villain since her intentions were good and she wanted to help the trapped spiders escape the Ruins. However, her sinister nature and intentions to kill and eat Frisk (and quite likely others as well) are what proclaimed her a villain.


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