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Mugsy is a one-shot villain from the Woody Woodpecker Show, appearing in the episode Convict Concerto. He is tall, bulky and has a stereotypical 1920s gangster appearance.

He was voiced by the late Dallas McKennon.


After commiting a bank heist, Mugsy escapes from the police and arrives at a musical shop where Woody works as a piano tuner. He orders Woody to play the piano while he hides inside it, threatening to kill him if he stops playing by playing the notes of the Funeral March.

While Mugsy calls his henchmen to pick him up, a cop who's been pursuing him arrives at the shop, so Woody tries to alert him to no avail. Woody tries to reach a police alarm outside the shop, but Mugsy's henchmen arrive at the shop to pick him up. At this point the cop finally notices the stolen money (which he'd been sitting over the whole time) but gets trapped on a trumpet which Mugsy shoots down while escaping.

The henchmen take the piano with both Mugsy and Woody on a truck to escape, while the cop pursues them, but Mugsy shoots the police car which gets reduced to a unicycle. The piano falls down from the truck and lands on a train, but falls over again along with Mugsy, Woody and the cop. As the trio land on a prison's doorstep, Mugsy is finally captured by the cop.


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