Muji is an evil tyrant as well as an egocentric rich old man, and he serves as the secondary (sometimes main, depending on the episode) villain in animated series Pucca.


Muji gets angry if someone has a mustache bigger than his. He almost always refers to himself in the third person. In "Battle of Bands", he dressess in the style of thrash/death metal. When in "The Bride of Muji" he sees the dugong with the bigger mustache he decides to shave because he wants to make sure that in the village there is only one person with big mustache. His mustache are sentient beings and their greatest fear is that a barber shaves them. In one chapter, it is shown that he is in love with Pucca since he decided to make a girlfriend of Frankenstein of Pucca but this one rejects him when it looks at Garu and they decide to fight for her but in the end Pucca wants to stay with Garu and Muji is rejected.


Another one of Sooga resident, who often refers to himself in third person. He is also a recurring background character and sometimes helps out in the village when he's not the episode's villain. He is obsessed with grooming his (apparently sentient) mustache, and loathes anyone who has a bigger mustache than he does. Muji has an army of (rather stupid) zombie minions called "Xombies". He also regularly attempts to lay claim to public property, such as a beach or maple syrup-producing woods. His catchphrase is "Not good for Muji" whenever something goes wrong.