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Lord Rageku!
~ Final words before death.

Confrontation Beast Anglerfish-Fist Mukoua is a Beast-Man of Rinjuken Akugata working under Sea Fist Demon Rageku. He's also the main antagonist in episode 33 of 2007 TV series called Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

He is voiced by Masaru Obayashi.


Mukoua made his first appearance in the Edo era as he was sent to this time era to get the Virtuous Beast Sword and to prevent the present day fighters from returning their own time. So once the team transformed they battle Mukoua in the Edo era. He'd explains why he's pretending to be Kira Yoshinaka which is he can't last long in this era so he used the old man as his host. With that said he'd used one of his skills as he makes his getaway with the sword that he stole.

Later that night the Gekirangers arrived at Kira's house during a raid and taken out many of Kira's followers. Once that was done they began searching the place for Mukoua, so they can get the sword and get the heck out of the Edo Era. Once Rio gained his memory back both he and Mele joined the Gekirangers into searching the sword. After finding Mukoua he left the host's body and makes a hasty retreat with the team on his tail. After that he was then defeated by these two finishers and they are Shooting Bullet and Brave Roar Wave.

However Mukoua wasn't going down that easily as he swallowed the sword and enlarged himself prompting the two teams to work together and form the GekiRinTohja and battle Mukoua. After that Mukoua is then destroyed by this finisher called Wild Predator Slash.

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